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by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
How to wash not rub off new black jeans? Joker black jeans show thin, it is necessary manpower N pieces in modern sheet is tasted, so how do new black jeans washing can reduce the phenomenon of fading? Here is a look at some black jeans washing method for the first time, so don't have to worry about washing black jeans will rub off.

new black jeans for the first time how to wash?

new black jeans for the first time should be with salt or white vinegar soak, remember, in an opposite with opposite to dry before wearing at the same time, can reduce the black jeans rub off phenomenon, the specific method is as follows:

new black jeans first wash with salt:

1, take two tablespoons of salt into the wash jeans containers, use a small amount of boiling water to dissolve salt.

2, adding suitable amount of cold water, stirring for mixing brine. When the water temperature is not more than 30 & deg; , it is best to cold water or cold water, because of hot water is easy to let black jeans fade and shrink.

3, will turn it over jeans, opposite in salt water, soak for half an hour above, do not forcibly knead.

4, rinse off with clear water after immersing, and then placed in a cool ventilated place, dry it ws. Do not exposure in the sun.

new black jeans for the first time to use vinegar to wash:

1, adding suitable amount of white vinegar to the water to soak black jeans;

2, stir well, put black jeans opposite in a container;

3, soak ten minutes half an hour, and then rinse clean with clear water will be black jeans.

4, as for a cool ventilated place, dry it opposite, not for the sun exposure.
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