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How to wash protect - cotton and linen dress Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Cotton and linen clothes wash how to protect? Cotton and linen fabrics with environmental protection, breathe freely, comfortable, feel is good, comfortable to wear and other advantages. As temperatures rise and soon will be more and more hot weather, due to the characteristics of cotton and linen fabrics, become spring, summer, hot weather in the wearer's mind is good, pure natural fabrics takes care to long durability, here to share with you the wash cotton and linen clothes how to protect, to avoid unnecessary loss.

wash cotton and linen clothes how to protect the

the following to introduce this kind of clothes washing and maintenance methods:

1, mainly cotton, hemp composition of clothing, usually wash separately, hand wash way such as separate washing machine wash it with soft washing way. The washing time shoulds not be more than 30 minutes.

2, cotton and linen clothes should not be soaked, washing in cold water; First washing water wash, had better add a spoonful of salt to the cold water.

3, use neutral detergent or special laundry detergent, such as silk linen detergent, etc. Banning the use of chlorine, enzyme washing supplies.

4, washing is completed, not exposure in the sun. Knitting products please laid out to dry.

5, in order to wear the effect is more perfect, ironing before wearing, generally use 160 ℃ - cotton and linen fabric Ironing temperature 180 ℃.

if you don't wear, can be washed after washing to dry clothes hang or stacked neatly, in a cool, ventilated place.


cotton and linen clothing available all kinds of detergent for washing. Before washing, soaking in water for a few minutes, but not too long, lest hurt color.

clothing avoid is used a hard brush and forcibly knead, in order to avoid facing; Do not force twist wring after washing.

cotton clothing washed, dried, to be stacked flat after ironing; Collection is to avoid the wet, hot, not ventilation, not clean easy cause mildew in the wardrobe.
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