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How to wash - silk dress Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Real silk clothes do not use washing powder, and alkaline detergent, soap, washing powder or other detergents, never use disinfectant, otherwise it will turn yellow or wrinkled. Then, actually how to cleaning?

1. Cleaning before

silk clothes washing is unfavorable in rough objects and rubbing machine washing, should choose special silk detergent when washing, also can choose neutral soap. Choose direct washing soap, soap in the water produced by the fatty acid anions, will combine with the calcium and magnesium ions in the water into insoluble in water sediment of fatty acid and fatty acid calcium magnesium. The sediment viscosity is very big, and silk with a positive charge, once precipitation on the silk clothing, it is difficult to rinse clean.

2. Cleaning

it is advisable to wash water temperature to room temperature, about 30 ℃, with the hand will be in the hands of detergent mix into clothes, after soaking time shoulds not be more than 15 minutes, then gently rub gently rub, avoid by all means use hard brush or rub on a washboard. To protect the clothing color, a clear water can be put again after cleaning, into two or three drops of vinegar, soak for 5 minutes. Don't twist when catharsis, should gently shake, facing out dry, avoid by all means is overlap or fold dry, so as to avoid the generalization.

3. Air basks in

silk clothes do not twist dry, dry, the moisture content should be around 10%. General with water and placed on a hanger Yin 凉 place to dry.

4. Pressing

it is recommended to use when ironing steam steaming, namely do not iron directly on the clothes, on a little way, keep a certain distance with clothing, can keep unchanged gloss durable. Iron temperature is not higher than 130 ℃, otherwise the silk garment can damage or & other Embrittlement & throughout; , affecting the service life of wearing. Spraying of avoid by all means when ironing, avoid water damage mark, affect the appearance. If not ironing, seventy percent for clothing works into the bag with the hand touch flat can; Also can be used to dry, after fold flat in a plastic bag, seal, put into the freezer for 12 hours frozen, to wash and wear effect.

how to wash silk not rub off

silk clothing color fastness is bad, it's easy to decoloring, if you don't use the correct washing method, silk unique natural luster will be severely affected. Use silk fabrics machine washing clothes, prone to & other And silk & throughout; “ Fluff & throughout; “ Double wire & throughout; Phenomenon. Also to rub gently when it is better to hand washing, hand washing, drying, cannot directly into the washing machine should be packed into mesh bag or with a colorfast cloth to dry off, it won't appear and silk and deformation, discoloration.

wash silk fabric washing raw materials is also key, neutral detergent doesn't hurt silk fiber, silk fabric washing water temperature not too high, the best below 30 ℃, with color clothes can wash, if the color is not the same must be separated from the washing, because silk fabric is easy to fade, if the color is very difficult to remove.

there are more than two colors on silk clothes, do the best rub off test, because the silk clothing color fastness is lower, the simplest method is to use a light color towels soaked, according to a few seconds on clothes and gently wipe, if the towel is dyed, cannot be washed, dry clean only.

how to wash silk not shrink

1. First will lift fabrics, remove dust or miscellaneous line, especially the color of the line rub off to the side.

2. According to the 0 per meter. 2 g ratio after shake put salt into the cold water, gently put fabric in soak 10 - 15 minutes, can have the effect of color, to prevent the fabric harden.

3. Rinse several times, when washing by hand gently knead, after washing not wrest or stirring, so as to avoid clothes wrinkled. In addition, to maintain the silk bright color, soft features, can add a few drops of white vinegar to the final rinse.
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