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How to wash silk ties? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
How to wash silk tie

tie use after a period of time, it's easy to get dirty, should not be washed by hand and put in the washing machine washing water, should send cleaners, laundry professional cleaning, please, otherwise it will fade and shrink, crumpled feelings. If it is not very dirty, also can diy.

it is a wet cleaning method. The second is dry cleaning method.

washed tie


but will tie into the first WenZao water soak 1 - is about 30 ℃ 3 minutes, gently down the tie lines with brush scrub, do not force brush again, nor any knead, should be used after cleaning of 30 ℃ rinse clean. Then according to the method for ironing. If after wash away form one thousand tie, tie at the back of the suture can be opened, the tie fabric and lining cloth pressed, then sewed up according to the sample.


will tie set on a paper template, dip in with soft brush or foam a little diluted detergent scrub, then use dry towel to wipe your bubble, scrub with a clean wet towel.

dry cleaning ties


desirable cotton ball dipped a little alcohol or gasoline, wipe gently, but in addition to stains, then a damp cloth pad, electricity an iron. The temperature when ironing should use materials to determine by tie. Chemical fiber fabric when ironing temperature is too high ( Below 70 ℃) ; The temperature of the wool fabric can be higher ( Below 170 ℃) 。


will be soft brush dipped in gasoline, a little down the tie fabric, geographic brush decontamination spot after being petrol volatilization, again with a clean wet towel to dab a few times.

how to scrub silk tie

can use glue or a thin layer of plywood do a model according to the size of the tie, the tie in the above model, with a soft brush dipped in detergent to scrub gently tie. And then use clean water to brush clean ( Be sure to brush the qing) 。 After washing a left, then can use wet cloth lining on a piece of white iron. Then model can be taken down. So, the tie is not out of shape, smooth like new again.

the drying silk tie

should be used when drying thin rubber cushion grip, avoid is fabrics contorts, wrinkling.

the stain on silk tie

1, carrot trituration mix with salt, besmear on the tie is stained with blood, milk stains gently knead, again with clean water.

2, if ties: sprinkle on coffee or tea, if immediately take off washing with hot water, can be washed. If besmirch is dry, the way to more complex in washing. With glycerol and the egg yolk mixture besmear wipe besmirch place, after being a bit dry, reoccupy clear water washing.

silk tie cleaning method of

1, the silk tie after use shall generally be hanging inside ark, ventilation, prevent crushed; Must be dry and cold pressing.

2, silk tie available neutral detergent washing, hanging drop, opposite ironed, do not stir.

3, if unfortunate silk tie dirty, paper towel or handkerchief on the stain are available, and the juice. Don't wipe the stains, for expanding the scope of the stain.

4, cleaning ties, goes on smooth board, brush, brush when catharsis floated a mild one.

5, slight stains just dip in with cotton swabs alcohol in besmirch place down the fabric of silking wiped gently, without washing.

6, tie is so dirty, if want to use more than 120 dry cleaning solvent gasoline.

7, before cleaning, put a layer of cardboard in the shape of same inspiration, then gush water, dip in with the brush scour gently brush away the afternoon, the comprehensive and rapid scrub, rinse immediately with water.

8, ties should not be in the sun insolates, otherwise it will cause silk yellowing, affect beautiful.

9, tie long-term need not, deposit before the best ironing it once, to achieve the purpose of insecticidal sterilization, storage of tie to keep dry.

10 will tie, cleaned, remember like dry cleaners clerk is pointed out that the position of the stains, it can help the clerk knew of stains, in order to make the appropriate treatment.
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