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How to wash the flax linen fabric wash nine skills - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Linen fabric permeability is strong, far more than pure cotton fabrics, at the same time it is much more difficult than cotton knit, which makes the flax fabric products & ndash; — Such as linen, linen and linen towels, etc. The cost is very high. Linen fabric color easily, integration with other fabrics is also very good, these also increased some difficulty to its daily maintenance.

as we often say: first, carefully read your linen clothes on the washing instructions. Despite all the pure linen skirt, blouse, trousers and shirt can be machine wash, but use make it of fabrics of other adornment or lining part may need to be dry-cleaned. Ignore, or don't understand the washing instructions are in danger of ruining your clothes.

cleaning technique 1

in the clean linen clothes, be sure to set the washer as & other Gentle washing & throughout; 。 If your washing machine can choose water, be sure to choose the maximum level, so that I can give you the clothes more free space.

cleaning technique 2

don't too much washing clothes, or may result in your clothes.

cleaning technique 3

if you have any other material of clothes in the washing machine, make sure that their color, weight, and with the linen clothes washing way.

cleaning tip 4

if it is washed by hand, pay attention to technique to tender & ndash; Don't scrub the or twist your linen clothes. For not particularly dirty or to compare loose weave linen clothes we usually hand washing is recommended, so that we can completely avoid being laundry washing machine is possible.

cleaning tip 5

linen and linen textile must use cold water or warm water wash & ndash; Cannot use water or hot water.

cleaning techniques 6

flax fabric can only clean with mild detergent, and to ensure that no detergent residue before baking.

cleaning techniques 7

if you linen clothes in the process of production have been pre washing ( Before buying clothes you can view their labels, it will have on this) , it can use dryer to dry completely. Just put the dryer set in low temperature, and in the linen clothes while they are still in a state of a slightly damp to throw it to the dryer.

cleaning technique 8

in drying linen clothes, try to keep the surface smooth. Hangers or clothes pin may leave a mark on the dress, is also likely to lead to deformation of the clothes.

cleaning technique 9

if you need the linen clothes ironed, please when it is in the condition of slightly damp ironing.
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