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How to wash the sweater deformation? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Sweater big? The cold winter, warm always without a close a warm sweater, sweater after washing is very easy to deformation, however, so large a sweater? How to restore?


the sweater all into 30 degrees & ndash; 50 degrees warm water, or steam for about 20 minutes in the pot, let it slowly recovering shape, until it is about the shape of the recovery in the cold water again. Finally remember hanging can't twist dry, flat out the air. Finally remember air cannot twist dry, this is a very effective method.

tip 2:

in the basin into the warm water, drop a small number of families with ammonia water, then immersed sweater, on wool soap ingredients will be melted. Hands gently stretch narrow part at the same time, then flush out to dry. In work partly, with the hand first, the prototype, with electric iron, can restore the original size.

tip 3:

with a steam iron. One hand will steam iron in clothing of about 2 cm above the place, to allow the steam to fibre softening, and then with the other hand for sweater plastic, so the two hands, sweater change back to back to the original state of fiber more closely.

tip 4:

common when sun sweater, in order to avoid the sweater, the sun, the greater the more the longer the sun, it is best to spread out his sweater to bask in, or open the umbrella, sun directly above.

tip 5:

silk net pour in warm water together, put the sweater in immerse 15 minutes, gently rub as far as possible. Wash with softener bubble after three minutes, do not twist dry, huddled up full of water to go, finally in washing column split dry with respect to OK.
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