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How to wash white sweater is yellow? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
White sweater is qiu dong season girls are very favorite item, so white knit wear for a long time will appear the phenomenon of yellow, looks very old seriously affect beautiful. So, in white sweater turned yellow should how to cleaning? The white sweater dyeing?

clean white sweater turned yellow?

84 detergent cleaning

the quickest method is the use of 84 disinfectant. Can buy in the supermarket. Will be diluted 84 disinfection is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the bottle, soak 10 - 15 minutes, the clothes will return to just buy the same state.

blue ink cleaning

to prepare a pot of water, water two drops in the water blue pen, don't drop more, stir the white clothes soaked after all more than 10 minutes, when you take out will find clothes very white is very new. This method is applicable to any material of clothes. Principle is yellow and blue are complementary colors, that is to say: yellow + blue = white.

white vinegar cleaning

with 15% acetic acid solution ( 15% of tartaric acid solution can be) Wiping stains, or soak in the solution of contamination part, next reoccupy clear water rinse clean.

citric acid solution or oxalic acid cleaning

with 10% or 10% citric acid solution of oxalic acid solution will be contamination wetting, then soak in concentrated brine, wash rinse the next day.

the white sweater dyeing do

white sweater to the dyeing technique a 84 laundry detergent cleaning

if it is pure white, is the most simple solution, hot water, About the heat of the bath) + 84 laundry detergent soak for 30 minutes, and then clear line, washing.

white sweater to dyeing technique two old soap cleaning

can also choose to use alkaline old soap, clothes in an old soap boiling water and then, but the effect is not a good before, but it does not hurt the clothes; If it is deep dyeing, relatively bad handle, can only try old soap is warm water.

white sweater to dyeing techniques of three wind cleaning

try the wind! Wind tu where pollution, see white didn't rub a rub.

white sweater to dyeing technique four detergent cleaning method

with detergent. Some oil may use detergent to clean first, and then washed with clear water.

white sweater to dyeing techniques five mature vinegar cleaning

with mature vinegar. Same as above, paint pollution, mature vinegar to see white didn't rub a rub.

white sweater to six salt dyeing techniques cleaning

use of salt. Will be dyed in water wet, coated with edible salt, reoccupy hand rub repeatedly, then clean with clear water. New clothes better after soaking with salt water first wash and wear. Because the new clothes may remain anti-wrinkle treatment on carcinogens & ndash; — Formaldehyde & ndash; — This is a new characteristic of a peculiar smell on the clothes.

white sweater to dyeing techniques seven baking soda cleaning

with baking soda. Basin of hot water, put dye the color of the clothes in, every litres of water to add 10 key baking soda. With a bay leaf to cover clothing, place one night, the cleaning.

eight bleach white sweater to dyeing techniques cleaning

try to use bleach. Supermarkets sell bleach wash effect is good, especially suitable for dyeing the near light color clothes, but don't abuse oh.

white sweater to dyeing techniques nine potassium permanganate cleaning

a little potassium permanganate in water first, again to rinse the clothes in, should fully saturated, 10 to 20 minutes, the clothes will be dark yellow, picked up the clothes, wash water; Then a little acetic acid soluble in water, put soaked clothes of potassium permanganate in acetic acid solution, the clothes will be by the dark red slowly into the original color, and dye the color place also fade away and won't damage the clothes the color of the original. Sometimes to yellow clothes can also use this method.
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