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How to wash white - white canvas shoes Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Canvas shoes is a favorite of MMS, especially white canvas shoes, is a good helper, tie-in dress but how could the white canvas shoes has always been a headache thing, sometimes white canvas shoes after washing easily yellowing, today let's learn together under the cloth shoes how cleaning related knowledge, help you to easily solve the small simple worries!

a, white canvas shoes how to wash white

1, the white canvas shoes is best not to use detergent to wash, can wash the chemical reaction. It is becoming yellow.

2, wash white canvas shoes experience: with transparent soap brush again, and then use toothpaste to brush again, wash, and then use toilet paper to wrap shoes, want to let the cloth bag on toilet paper, everywhere in the ventilated place, do not in the sun, will be very clean, not yellow. There are some stains spot because of washing may not when the cumulative over a long period of time, so it is difficult to dispose of them.

another bleach on market you can have a try, a little yellow is normal, it is possible that the shoe glue, polish the shoes for the first time put dry ventilated place package of toilet paper, had better use detergent to wash the shoes, and also recommend you a, is to wash the white canvas shoes net KaiMi collar also is very good oh! Clean white canvas shoes? Try the above method.

canvas shoes are white canvas, but I have small broken flower, through the rain thought white wash can come back, the results get wash wash shoe store, is dirty, the result is 84 drift. With 84 words must be careful, encounter there is design and color is bound to rub off, so it is not recommended to use the 84. Also had better not use detergent and soap, because if there are not enough rinsing, leaves yellow mark.

you can try to use detergent, or collar, then use a toothbrush or a soft brush to brush. Supermarket, however, seems to have a kind of bleach, not drift off color, can have a try ~

2, we provide below white canvas shoes how to wash the specific steps:

1, the shoes with warm water and without water for a long time ~ is to soak, possibly slightly put a little vinegar inside.

2, use our above said decontamination supplies to polish the shoes, remember to use a soft brush oh

3, be sure to rinse clean

4, as far as possible in order not to exposure, can use toilet paper to cover.

note that the problem is that white shoes or light-colored, if must soap and water or detergent water, brush shoes must use clear blister for a period of time, and then take it out when the sun do not put in the sun insolates, the shade is good, bask in toilet paper on a two layer on the surface of the shoe, can make shoes the absorption yellowing of the soap. Actually can use a toothbrush with pure white toothpaste to brush, then cover good with white paper towels brown

3, white canvas shoes how washing should be clear now! There is, however, a kind of method, is made of white pigment.

1, shoes and shoes apart to wash, to use whitening soap and the shoes LACES, shoes with soft velvet toothbrush rinse ( Canvas lighter rinse, otherwise easy to damage) , and then wash clean.

2, white gouache to water dilution ( Do not add too much water, it is advisable to just not thick, white pigment, of course, also can't more than) , then use a toothbrush with gouache on shoes, if dirty can besmear more serious place.

3, the shoes dry in ventilated place.

brush with transparent soap, the ordinary people even brush clean the brush again later, or would you use toothpaste, can whitening, so if it's dark you can don't use toothpaste brush can also, finished with a health paper bag in the air.

now, you should know how to wash the white canvas shoes! Hurry up to try the above method, wash your white canvas shoes of clean!
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