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How to wholesale a good brand of bulk laundry detergent

by:Jingliang     2022-11-29
The company's products: high, medium and low-grade, bulk detergent, instant detergent, finished detergent, high foam detergent, diluted detergent, cold water detergent, cold water instant detergent, detergent mother powder. Bulk washing powder is convenient and mobile. Bulk washing powder has the following characteristics: appearance of washing powder, uniform particles, strong fluidity, bright white shell, good feeling, soft hand feeling, moderate viscosity, cold water washing, rapid dissolution, rich foam , Strong detergency, fast, easy to rinse, easy to order. Ingredients of bulk laundry detergent: [ingredients] Non-ionic nominal active agent, anionic nominal active agent, color polyester decontamination particles, phosphorus-free water softener, compound biological enzyme, clothing brightening agent, fragrance. The function of bulk laundry detergent: 【Function】 Dilute the compound active decontamination formula to easily remove stubborn ulcers. Phosphorus-free and environmentally friendly, easy to rinse, save time and effort, and bring more convenience to your life; Flat heel does not hurt hands, easy decontamination, saving time and effort; Suitable for all kinds of washable clothes. Utilization method of bulk laundry detergent: 【Usage method】Hand washing: 6-8 pieces of individual clothes, dosage: 1/2 full spoon (about 5g), take out the washing powder with the spoon provided with the product, pour the washing powder into the water, fully dissolve. Machine wash: 8-10 pieces of individual clothes, dosage: 1 full spoon (about 10g), take the washing powder with the gift spoon provided with the product, put it in the agricultural products and soak it. Then use collar net or soap.
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