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How wash clothes stain - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Wash clothes stain? When we wash clothes, the most afraid of is the clothes stained, clothes can't continue to wear after dyeing, threw a also a pity, this what to do, don't worry, now teaches you several clothes stain removal tips, with the removal of dye tips you will no longer worry about clothes will be dyed.

clothes stain removal tips: soap + alkaline cleaning mixture method

1. Soak 10 will be dyed clothes on clean water & ndash; 20 minutes

2. Take a small amount of baking soda + small colorless soap water boil

3. Strike will soak laundry soak for 10 minutes in the boiling mixture

4. Take out the clothes with water scrub


1. Soap must choose colorless, have color of soap will be dissolved in boiling water.

2. Must boil, because alkali molecules will break down soon after heating, can quickly clean color parts.

clothes stain removal tips 2:84 detergent cleaning

1. Will be dyed clothes add basin

2. Pour on boiling water and an appropriate amount of 84 disinfectant ( Dosage according to is determined by the area and depth of dyeing. )

3. Let stand for 15 minutes

4. Knead dyeing, rinse clean with water


1. 84 disinfectant can only be used for cotton, hemp, polyester material can chlorine bleaching of clothes, and be diluted, bleaching time cannot too long, if not suitable material or method of use undeserved, can make clothes color.

2. 84 has certain decoloring sex, so this method is only suitable for the dyeing of white clothing and color shallow color clothes.

clothes stain removal tip 3: hydrogen peroxide solution cleaning method

1. Put the clothes in the basin of cold water have

2. To add hydrogen peroxide in the basin, the proportion of water and hydrogen peroxide is about 1:10

3. Soak for about 5 minutes

4. Knead dyeing clothes and clean the


1. Don't direct inunction clothing dyeing with hydrogen peroxide solution, into the water when adding hydrogen peroxide also try to avoid direct drops on the clothing

2. Hydrogen peroxide has a slight corrosion effect, is will not damage clothes general consumption is not high, so it is important to note when add hydrogen peroxide dosage

3. How much is the chemicals will be relatively more dangerous, the entire proposal gloves for homework.

4. As well as 84 has hydrogen peroxide bleaching, so try to avoid to soak dark clothes.

clothes stain removal tip 4: with potassium permanganate solution of acetic acid cleaning

1. Low concentration of potassium permanganate solution, soaking clothes for 15 minutes ( The mixture of potassium permanganate solution, and will be mentioned below acetate will buy in TIPS. )

2. Will take on dark red clothes up, rinse the

3. A small amount of low concentration of acetic acid solution, place the red clothes among them such as its dark red into primary ( Including dyeing) The salvage

4. Rinse clean with clear water


1. Low concentration of potassium permanganate solution preparation: take 500 grams of water into a 0 is about 30 ℃. 5 grams of potassium permanganate solution. ( Only for laundry use, please do not direct skin contact, wash clothes please take in the process of rubber gloves. )

2. Also called oxalic acid, acetic acid in the drugstore to buy but the concentration is not high. Can buy 5% of acetic acid solution in a hospital. ( Laundry with 3% is enough. )

3. Same chemical reagent, please bring your gloves good for delicate skin.

clothes stain removal tip 5: washing powder and detergent cleaning method

1. Strong washing powder and detergent in a ratio of 1:1 into hot water

2. Dip dyeing clothes in at least 30 minutes

3. With the hand rub dyeing, bleaching water and clean water


this method USES clothing itself is the color fade to reduce between the dyeing color piece and color difference. Only suitable clothing dyeing with color.

clothes stain removal tip 6: method of salt inunction

1. Wet clothes stain place

2. Edible salt or large sand coated in wet dyeing, with both hands and knead

3. Disappear for color piece, with clean water can be


this method is simple, but the process is long and sometimes may not be able to one-time swabbed clean, repeat a few times more.

clothes stain removal tip 7: baking soda + bay Ye Qing washing method

1. Pick up a pot of hot water into the 10 teaspoons baking soda

2. With bay leaves, placing clothes cover night

3. The next day he took rinse clean


baking soda can enhance the effect of bleaching power and different methods of mixing flavor is better, oh.

clothes stain removal tips 8: vinegar washing decontamination method

will be dyed black vinegar drip in place, after waiting for ten minutes, wash with soap, the stain is not only clean and won't leave a mark. In this way must ensure that the stain on clothes can't time is too long, it is best to clean up on the spot, in order to ensure clean. Because the most important thing is white clothes had better use white vinegar to clean, such ability won't leaving the vinegar.
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