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Jeans and water to wash down jacket - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Wash jeans

jeans general backwardness hard, under the influence of water washing is difficult, wash these clothes can be conducted first cold soak, then scrub with soap, the reoccupy after scrubbing machine wash washing machine, washing temperature 50 ℃, best washing time for 15 minutes, finally rinse out to dry.

water to wash down jacket

down jacket down absorbed the water contains a lot of detergent, in the process of air will flow to the surface of local quick drying, water mark is smudgy traces of detergent in the clothing surface deposition. Water to wash down jacket to without water mark, the first thing to control the amount of detergent, appropriately raise the washing temperature, water must be clean, to solve the problem of detergent residues.

in addition to wash with water before soaking, after washing acid neutralization, can also play a role. If down jacket is false and inferior product, it passes through repeated washing, inside the clothes dirty down after wash, to no trace.
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