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Laundry and laundry detergent, washing powder, soap, is it just the difference between a form? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
At ordinary times when cleaning products of choose and buy, we can see three criteria:

1, the washing effect is good.

2, did harm to the skin;

3, rinse after sewage pollution to the environment.

in principle is alkaline, the stronger the washing effect, such as washing powder, soap powder, but supplies alkaline washing, the greater the hydrogen ion concentration is higher, the greater the damage to the skin. Let me give you look at the below, the advantages and disadvantages of several common washing products for you to buy reference.

1, soap,

PH value of 9, weakly alkaline


in sanitary products, the longest history in the use of soap. It is made of animal or plant oil as raw material, through chemical reaction of higher fatty acid salt, both hydrophilic and have affinity for oil, and so the decontamination effect is good, and there is less stimulus to the skin.


when the sodium soap in hard water or magnesium salts, will generate the poorly soluble in water and magnesium calcium soap soap, deposition in the cracks in the clothing fibers, wasteful, and difficult to rinse clean clothes, make clothes yellow or fade. And cannot be used to machine wash.

laundry detergent

PH 12 ~ 14, most basic


washing powder is made from petroleum and chemical products as raw material, usually a weak alkaline, the stronger the alkaline decontamination effect is better, it can keep good in all kinds of water quality of decontamination ability;

now, we have more kinds of detergent, performance is also different. With enzyme washing powder, for example, adding alkaline protease biological catalyst, can & other; Digestion & throughout; Stubborn protein dirt, such as sweat stain, blood and milk stains.


the more alkaline detergent, the greater the damage to the clothing also; Other washing powder is not easy to dissolve, stir to wait for, not 100% dissolved; Hot strong alkali, contact with the hand, burn when washing hands, clothing fibers, serious still can make skin irritation.

laundry detergent

PH value of 7 ~ 8, neutral


laundry detergent neutral PH value, easy to dissolve, gentle formula does not hurt the hand, and less pollution.


relative before the price is higher, volume weight is not easy to carry, part of laundry detergent containing fluorescent agent composition, have certain harm to human body.

laundry tablets

PH value of 7 to 7. 5, neutral


laundry tablets containing dozens of surface active agent, decontamination capability is strong, do not contain phosphorus and fluorescent whitening agent, non-toxic harmless. Neutral gentle formula, does not hurt the hand, do not hurt the clothing fibers, contain antiseptic, antibacterial except mites. And small volume, light weight, convenient to carry.


consumer awareness is not enough, need to make greater efforts to promote to guide consumers to use.
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