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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
When washing clothes do you often a series of problems: after washing machine to take off the water, pants are all intertwined sleeves! Throw into the washing machine can't wash clean! The stains rub along while all useless! I know all you have no love mood, so small make up N kind of solution is studied, must be able to solve your worries!

1, clothes clean method

the two plastic bottles into the laundry bag, sealed mouth, directly with the dirty clothes into the washing machine wash, wash the clothes will be more clean.

2, the ways to solve clothes wrapped in

when washing clothes, clothes wrapped in together, not only can't wash clean, light is to untangle the clothes, can take out a lot of time. Prepare a few washing ball, no words can replace with wool ball, wash his clothes, put a few laundry ball in trousers and sleeves, which will help to wash the clothes will not knot.

laundry ball and help other cleaning, cleaning thick coat, were big clothing such as pillow, plush, can put a few washing ball, let the washing effect is better.

3, dyeing clothes recovery method

mixed with the different colors of clothes to wash, fluttering dyeing. Want to recover clothes color is actually not difficult also, need to add 84 disinfectant in washing machine ( Deserve to go up a third of a bottle of half a tank of water disinfectant) After 25 minutes, rinse with warm water to dry, clothes is to restore the original color.

4, clean clothes stain method

yellow clothes

rice water left or joined the orange peel cooked in the pot, the yellow clothes soak the rubbing can make white clothes back. If is perspiration, add 2 tablespoons of ammonia when washing, soak a few minutes later, scrub, and then washed with clear water.

hotpot oil

with a little water wetting toothpaste, then evenly coated in oily be soiled, gently rub to white foam to cover the whole piece of fabric, after washing with water, oil stains will disappear completely.

soy sauce stains

will stick to a cloth soaked in water for soy sauce, directly in besmirch place sprinkle sugar scrub and rinse it; Or paint a soda in besmirch, wait 10 minutes after rinse, soy sauce stains in to the room.

are many stains on the wool

wool or cloth stained with ink filters, should first use hot water or hot water wash, and then scrub with soap and water, then rinse. Remember that can't use cold water to wash, otherwise color into the fiber, cleaning the difficulty will increase.
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