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Laundry at home, don't use detergent, expensive effort - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
To wash his clothes, and a lot of people still unknown reason, use detergent, do not understand the characteristics of detergent, casually use, appeared a lot of laundry accident, expensive, especially for water to wash clothes cleaning and care.

we gather god see above

cloth coat after wash had an accident, and did a lot of things,

severe white clothes left corner problem, is this why?

it was a very senior cloth coat, but out of water is one of the characteristics of don't know the washing and auxiliaries, end up above white big problem, so the washing is a science, is a professional art, suggest senior clothing or send professional dry cleaners, professional cleaning guaranteed, their use, are expensive time-consuming.

the above problems, may be caused by using the two kinds of washing agents, the first may be to use the 84 disinfectant, bring about clothings white fade; The second may be to use the rust remover to fade, in view of the natural material clothes, whether 84 disinfectant or rust remover, are likely to cause the accident never repair.
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