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by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Hot summer without frequent sweating, clothes clean, replace natural frequency has soared. As a home, don't stay away the clothes to the cleaner's isn't interested. But cleaning will be, whether at home is clean, clothes will be out of shape, will not too much trouble, and many other considerations. Don't have to worry about, and master these tips, allows you to easily wash clothes at home.

tip 1: look for the laundry symbol

a lot of people in unwittingly, converting to throw need to wash clothes into the washing machine, but this is not a sensible thing to do. Although wash clothes with washing machine is easy and save Labour, but different fabrics clothes also need to distinguish between them. On the one hand is to prevent the deformation of clothing, on the other hand also may avoid clothing dyeing.

generally within the clothes with the washing label, it would indicate the corresponding clothing is should choose to machine wash, wash, or to be dry-cleaned. Clothing have different characteristics of different fabrics such as cotton clothes easy shrink, cotton clothing is afraid of wrinkles, silk fabrics don't scrub the and so on. In addition, some with color wash if it is the first time, had better choose washed by hand or machine wash separately, or you will make other clothes to color.

tip 2: use opportunely decontamination products

the current commonly used decontamination products mainly include laundry soap, detergent powder, laundry detergent and laundry condensate beads several. Each product has its own respective advantages and disadvantages, as long as flexible application, can easily to clean all kinds of clothing.

laundry soap:

laundry soap decontamination capability is strong, clear and more easy to wash the stain. Consumers in cleaning, such as the local parts such as shirt collar, cuffs, wet clothes can be, and then a targeted breakthrough, decontamination effect is obvious.

but what need reminds is, the use of laundry soap wash clothes more arduous, when used wet clothes first, then daub. After washing the clothes, will obviously feel hand side is dry, tight. In addition, the use of laundry soap long-term need not can harden, bubble water will become soft, not convenient to store.

laundry detergent:

detergency strong and low cost. When hand washing, dissolve after washing powder into the water, the clothes soaked knead, local and overall can effectively remove stains.

but what need reminds is, washing powder, strong alkaline of rival ministries have strong stimulation, is not conducive to hand to maintain, and can cause damage to fabric.

laundry detergent:

laundry detergent dissolved easily, some soft clothes just soak in a laundry detergent clean water can be cleaned easily, and no obvious rival skin stimulation.

laundry condensate beads:

the laundry condensate beads can be said to be innovative products, designed for machine wash, a small laundry coagulation bead can clean a whole bucket of clothing, the nature and does not hurt the clothes.

laundry condensate beads can effectively guarantee the clothes will not damaged, deformation, but compared with the traditional decontamination products, cost is high. In addition, because is only applicable to machine wash, cleaning is difficult for the shirt collar and cuffs besmirch of local parts, decontamination effect is not as other products.

tip 3: detergent used in moderation

do not think that the more detergent, laundry detergent use, the clothes you clean. In fact, high foam detergent rinse clean very hard, sometimes even a lot of full bubble remain, not only time-consuming, water fee, and after washing clothes made hard.

in addition, the residual detergents may not completely cleared in ironing clothes discoloration caused in the process of heating, may also be rotavirus stains after dried, secondary pollution of clothes.
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