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Laundry boss tip: new clothes strong flavor, not washing may cause cancer! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
People usually open the packing, after bought new clothes wear out directly in the body, this is wrong. Because the new clothes on most anti-wrinkle treatment of residual chemicals & ndash; — Formaldehyde, and the formaldehyde causes skin cancer. Is this really the case? Do you want to wash clothes?

, according to a survey in the study of the 11266 people bought new clothes will wash after just 22. 8%, among which, nearly 61% of people said they would wash underclothes, 8. 24% of people said what clothes don't wash.

not to wash new clothes really cause cancer

experts said: the less daunting, but try to wear it again after being washed.

it is reported that our country since 2003, has a comprehensive ban formaldehyde costumes, but the clothes in the machining process of dyeing, finalize the design process will use some chemicals that contain formaldehyde ingredients, so the phenomenon still exists.

carcinogenicity and carcinogen exposure concentration, contact time length is a positive correlation. Formaldehyde is a kind of volatile gas, so it's a small amount of contact is difficult to accumulate in the body.

to counter the problem of formaldehyde on the skin sensitization, because everyone's constitution is different, some people's skin is thin, relatively sensitive, so the formaldehyde residual clothes easy allergy, and others are not sensitive to this.

new clothes only formaldehyde?

if you think that only new clothes formaldehyde a health hazard of a thing, that you are too naive.

clothing in textile printing and dyeing, washing process will take a call NPE ( Nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether) Things.

PS: NPE is a kind of water-soluble surfactants, experts say, the water wash before wearing new clothes, can remove most of the poisonous and harmful chemicals.

although there is no too much human studies, but a reasonable doubt, it may affect the male sexual function, and improve women suffering from breast cancer risk.

the doctor remind us: new clothes on the surface of material have hundreds, in addition to formaldehyde NPE and some microorganisms, etc. Some skin allergy in patients with seizures after wear clothes, examination revealed how to choose and buy the clothes is not suitable for a certain correlation.

how to clean up these & other; Hazard & throughout; The most effective?

new dress, it will be mostly of water!

bought new clothes washing this is a good habit of washing will remove formaldehyde play a role on the clothes.

new before you buy clothes to wear the best rinse, it is necessary to also can use salt washing, it can have the effect of disinfection, sterilization, prevent fading. After normal wash to join a small amount of detergent.

for water to wash clothes, it is recommended that you sent to professional cleaners before wearing it.

drying can volatilize formaldehyde

summer clothes is very thin, can often change, also easy to dry. But thick clothes in winter, a lot of clothes is likely to be a worn all winter. Most people are buying the thick clothes such as down jacket, cotton-padded jacket, wear body directly without washing.

as some coats and winter jacket, if you can't wash or not too convenient to wash and in well-ventilated place to dry for days, also can achieve the result of removal of formaldehyde.
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