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Laundry bring washing industry into 4. The era of - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Cleaning products is an important part of daily chemical enterprise product line, its historical experience and with the progress of technology and the rapid. Human initial prototype washing supplies soap also called honeylocust, had emerged in song dynasty. With the coming of the 18th century industrial revolution, cheap sodium carbonate compounds have emerged.

it was found that it has clean effect to the stain on clothes, so I made into soap. We call the laundry soap. The emergence of laundry soap, is 1 in washing industry. The era, opens the cleaning service of human history. With the progress of technology, in 1907, the German henkel and invented the washing powder. Washing powder mixture of boric acid salt and silicate, plus some necessary active agent and additives, such as phosphate, silicate, sodium sulphate, fluorescent agent, enzyme, etc. , has formed the modern washing powder.

the detergent is by fluorescent whitening agent, in order to increase his clothes were white effect and is often too much to add. Add fluorescent agent and the characteristics of the alkaline washing powder, is a potential threat to the human body. Washing powder can be called catharsis things 2. 0 times, make washing industry made great progress and scale of application of industrial products.

laundry detergent on a large scale to enter the market, get the majority of families. Laundry detergent are generally used in ionic surfactant, make its PH value is close to neutral, so gentle to human skin, and into the natural world, degradation of the washing powder is fast, so has become a new generation of washing supplies. But because the washing effect is not ideal, only 5% - its effective ingredients 5%, in order to solve this problem, the factory has started a large number of fluorescent whitening agent is added to the laundry detergent, become the industry's unspoken rules.

laundry detergent set 3. The era lasted for 10 years or so, great changes have taken place in the current technology and, 4. 0 catharsis things, that is made of nanometer material laundry tablets, including representatives of thought, the lead in the market share.

is made important discoveries in modern physics, nanotechnology has been widely used in the field of production and life. Nanotechnology, 纳米技术) , also known as nano technology, it is the study of structure size in 1 nm to 100 nm range of material properties and applications of a technology, so & other; Small & throughout; Is the main characteristic of nanotechnology. Modern science laboratory can be made material with single atoms, molecules, and effective control of object structure size in the range of 1 to 100 nm.

using nanometer material technology, developed at the laundry, with strong ability of decontamination water saving time, created the huge economic and social value. 4 success began washing supplies. The era, in the washing supplies new material technical innovation on the road more walk more strong, 4 washing industry. The era to deepen constantly, have caused to replace the new wave of nano catharsis things.
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