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Laundry, 'clothes' not fear you! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
We love your hands dry desquamate, we love dearly fluorescent agent against your child and skin, we love each year 200 kunming lake water, love always have to wash your clothes don't we go to the stains we love you money to buy laundry detergent, laundry detergent.

【 Wash clothes those thing.

1, the difficult measurement with laundry detergent to use lid quantity to amount to, dose not good grasp. And when using a detergent, dosage is more difficult to control.

2 deposit, it is not easy when air temperature is low, laundry detergent into paste, washing powder agglomeration.

3, hand desquamate washing powder is strongly basic, easy to wash away skin oils, dry hands after washing, peeling.

4, decontamination detergency hard enough. Trace oil stains, mud flats, milk and so on, it is difficult to clean, clothes are more prone to turn yellow.

5, not environmental protection, safe detergent alkaline composition in hard water deposits formed, will adhere to the surface of clothes, reduce the washing effect; Cannot be completely dissolved in the process of washing, is not easy to rinse, and residue will damage the clothes; Poor washing powder often contain harmful ingredients such as phosphorus, aluminum, it is difficult to natural degradation.

laundry water into the river, cause water pollution. A lot of laundry detergent containing fluorescent whitening agent, adherent clothes ability is very strong, the body temperature above 25 degrees, fluorescent whitening agent will enter the body through the skin, it is difficult to metabolism. Some children like to bite skirts, so the child's mouth are fluorescent agent! At the same time, the fluorescent agent this distortion carcinogens can make human body cell, cause dermatitis and itching.

6, waste water detergent foam, more difficult to rinse; Experts say that chemical detergent need to rinse 148 times to clean; The annual Beijing washing waste water is equivalent to 200 kunming lake!

laundry tablets allow you to experience the different way of laundry, feeling the limpid like water, the plant is clean, every piece of clothes wash three kilograms, gentle formula will clean laundry detergent is six times the amount is only 1/25 of laundry detergent do not contain phosphorus, do not contain fluorescent agent, strong decontamination ability at the same time does not hurt the clothes and skin, Yi Piao Yi Qing, 1 second combined with water, clothes look, won't make washing machine breeding ground for bacteria in the water without blocking, odor, damage to scupper strong performance, thin as paper, light and convenient, travel, can carry on business.

laundry tablets, let your every inch of skin 'clothes' not fear let your skirt through the 'wash' new every river '' let's risk is reduced.
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