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Laundry detergent and softening agent how to correctly select - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
How to choose the laundry detergent and softening agent which problems should be paid attention to when buying liquid detergent?

1, according to the corresponding liquid detergent to clean the object choice of type, variety, had better choose to have inspection-free and environment mark brand, the quality and environmental protection are at ease;

2, when the choose and buy, look for the label, the qualified liquid detergent products should have the name on the package, net content, instructions, factory name, address, shelf life and so on, the logo is clear, no deinking phenomenon;

3, qualified liquid detergent products uniform stratification, no haze, no mechanical impurities, no peculiar smell, consistency is moderate, in the process of washing, cloth without damage to the skin. Biodegradable to us what's the point?

who is part of the natural environment, good to also is to treat our own human nature, so we will try to use harmless to the environment or less of the product. After general material into the environment, can be natural microbial decompose into carbon dioxide, water, harmless to the environment of small molecules, such as decomposition rate reaches more than 90% called biodegradable.

in cleaning products, active matter & ndash; The biodegradation rate of 90% or more of the surfactant said it is biodegradable, can effectively protect the natural environment. Green umbrella company all products are made of biodegradable material, it is the protection of natural environment, is responsible to the consumers.

laundry detergent to write on the label of nanotechnology is what mean?

nanoscale particle refers to the tiny particles under one hundred millionth of a meter in diameter, can enter the general molecules into the fabric of less than. To apply nano technology will greatly improve the cleaning effect of laundry detergent in the laundry detergent, deep into the fiber peel oil dirt, wash your clothes more clean and bright.

laundry detergent level represents what?

according to the national standard of laundry detergent, laundry detergent is divided into three levels, and is a type of cleaning dirt in life. Dirt in life there are mainly three types: carbon black oil, protein, oil, sebum oil. A level is on the three kinds of oil pollution clean force all meet the national standards; B is for two kinds of oil cleaning force meet the national standards; Class C is only on the carbon black oil cloth clean force reached the national standard.

green umbrella class A laundry detergent is the highest standards of laundry detergent. Green umbrella grade A laundry detergent wash not only clean, less dosage, more don't need to soak in advance, rinse 1 - Saving time and water for 2 times, save electricity, clothes after washing clean, bright, colorful, there is no more wash color more dark.

neutral grade A collar net said on the label & quot; Enzyme & quot; What is the role?

enzyme is a kind of high quality activity from nature's creatures, the chemical nature of proteins. These enzymes to produce one kind of dirt, Such as protein dirt, sebum, dirt, etc. ) A decomposition. Clothing fiber is a kind of mesh fabric, grease and dirt, hiding in the fabric of fiber hole, enzyme into the fiber inside the hole can be dirt decomposition, with makes it easy to rinse away from clothes.

this enzyme technology for the blood, sweat and urine has good scavenging effect.

no net, adding enzyme collar is completely rely on the penetration of molecule surfactants, wetting the stripping off the dirt from the fabric, the process may produce damage to fiber, affect the clothing wearing comfort and durability.

blood, protein stains, milk stains on clothing should how purify?

the dirt on the clothing has a good variety of, such as general dirt mainly of oil, dirt. Ordinary laundry night can wash them clean, but milk stains and the main components of the blood protein, ordinary laundry detergent to wash them very hard. And the protease in the enzymatic laundry detergent can hydrolyze protein, thus can effectively remove milk stains on clothes and blood.

green umbrella neutral net joined the class A collar & quot; Enzyme & quot; Technology, enzyme into the fiber inside the hole can decompose the dirt, make it as easily rinsed away from clothes. This enzyme technology has good scavenging effect for blood and sweat. Why a lot of laundry detergent looks very thick? Because these laundry detergent added a thickener and thickener is no role for clothing clean, it will produce certain harm to human body.

how to judge the antistatic effect of softener?

use fabric softener, friction on the wooden table several times, and see whether the adsorption ash and tiny dust. Such as the adsorption quantity is little or no, good static; The opposite effect is poor.

how to judge the soft effect of softener?

will be thicker towels, a softening agent processing, pinched by hand, then slowly let go, can feel the towel with back, good elasticity; Hands with a towel grain sliding, if feel smooth, smoothness is good. Both are good, good softness. If extrusion feels very soft and cannot recover, can only say & quot; Bad & quot; Rather than soft.

why do antibacterial softener can kill two birds with one stone?

after softening agent treatment, although clothing antistatic, soft, easy to ironing, but powerless to bacteria, especially underwear have bacteria, detrimental to health. Green umbrella antibacterial softener in softening agent successfully joined the safe antibacterial components to human body, to conquer the antibacterial softener system is difficult to play a role, in very low concentrations ( 0. 5 ~ 1%) Both bactericidal action and soft antistatic, kill two birds with one stone.
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