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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
At present, the cleaning products on the market are ling lang see everywhere, from the earliest laundry soap, detergent powder, laundry detergent to wash now new products & ndash; — Laundry, let people may not know exactly what kind of products to choose washing clothes. Detergent: rub off easily, washing is not very clean, and use the washing powder has a big characteristic, that is wounded hand clothes, after washing water to dissolve, will pollute water.

laundry detergent: volume is too big, carry not convenient; Use not convenient, easy to leak; Water content is too large, more than 80%; It's easy to get silk when the temperature is low. Laundry tablets: changed so some characteristics of detergent, laundry detergent, solid flake, small size, formula of environmental protection and decontamination. Instant when used in water and waste water after washing will not have an adverse effect on the environment for a long time, will degrade over time, and the biggest feature is the laundry to neutral, it does not hurt the hand, not dry hands, low foam products, with the washing machine is also easy to clean. Use, it is very convenient to carry, store.

in addition to the above said function, laundry tablets have mouldproof and moth-proofing, soft features, like washing clothes to wear in the body is more comfortable, store and more at ease. And it is whether you use cold water or hot water, are all the same very good wash, can quickly dissolved in water, leaving no residue. Dried clothes more soft fragrance, more durable.

laundry tablets with good cleaning effect and convenient method of storage - using the washing products - Choice for laundry.
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