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Laundry experts: real silk carpet - dry cleaning method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Silk carpets and tapestries is curiosa of carpets and tapestries. Really fine silk carpet processing, design, colour and lustre is beautiful, has a unique natural luster, so the price is very expensive.

wash silk carpet, really must do shape, appearance, color, light, and therefore only dry cleaning, and still can't use dry cleaners to wash, can only use manual dry-clean. Before washing, the vacuum to real silk rug on both sides of dust free. When catharsis, with a small towel soaked in solvent gasoline, damp shaped, 2 ~ 3 times swab repeatedly in turn true silk rug. Meanwhile to the small towel wash in the solvent gasoline at any time. When after scrubbing suck with the true silk rug again, wipe down the residue of the net. So true silk rug even if dry cleaning.

in addition, the true silk rug ear, to basic scour scrub with water. The dirty water out of the scrub down dirt adsorption on the towel, to prevent pollution of the carpet. And then with a clean wet towel swab will blanket ear several times, in the remaining blanket washing liquid adsorption on the towel on the ear, and finally with a clean dry towel dry carpet spike. Such as blanket ear hair is yellow, h2o2 bleaching are available, and for a few small piece of pure wool carpet, can also be manually dry cleaning field this way. But should not use this method for some chemical fibber carpet washing.
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