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Laundry, full-time baby good helper! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
There are many stay-at-home moms, a person very hard with the children, with his growth, but also very happy! The child's every day, treasure the mother to participate in! Give all love to children! In fact this is the common voice of all mom, willing to give a child all the best in the world because the child is the treasure the mother's life!

for treasure to mama said, from small to large, give the child choose supplies a standard of safety, safety! Give he wash products must be maternal and infant shop to buy a children's clothing to pure cotton, close to skin no harm!

children special washing product price is not low, and it is not completely safe, also contain fluorescent whitening agent, only the amount less!

so in order to give their children, give yourself, for family is the most secure, most health products, choose do not contain fluorescent whitening agent, laundry tablets without phosphorus and talcum powder.

laundry is a new kind of washing products, change the configuration of the previous washing products.

it's biggest characteristics:

1, low foam Yi Piao, energy conservation and environmental protection.

2, enzyme preparations, make clothing out of shape not easily.

3, protect color, clothing color lasting.

4, persistent.

5, intelligent adapt to hard water, suitable for all kinds of water quality.

6, local strong detergency, quick to remove stains and stubborn stains.

laundry will become a new generation of washing products, is a kind of neutral synthetic detergent, is a good helper full-time baby!
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