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Laundry Gel Zero Triclosan Zero Color

by:Jingliang     2022-10-06
Triclosan, the technical term may be unfamiliar to everyone, but if the word antibacterial appears in the washing product, it may be added (don't worry, concentrated detergent-pods.html' target='_blank'>laundry detergent pods are not added). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned the sale of 19 germicidal ingredients including triclosan. In 2015, experiments at the University of California found that long-term exposure to triclosan may cause liver cancer in animals. Triclosan has not been banned in China, and laundry beads do not contain any hidden ingredients. The PH value is neutral, so you and your baby can use it with confidence. A touch of fresh ocean blue is the true color of laundry detergent pods, without adding any pigments. Most synthetic pigments contain phenylenediamine, a sensitizing ingredient that may irritate the skin of sensitive constitutions or infants. The male colleagues in the laboratory who are immune to poison are also accidentally recruited, so allergies are random and it is difficult to identify a certain group of people. In addition, pigments can increase the risk of clothing contamination. It would be a shame if the beloved white shirt turned pink. Recommended article: are a lifesaver for pregnant women
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