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Laundry has a problem? Laundry one-time solve - for you Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Do you always upset for clothes not clean? Always worry about phosphorus in detergent, contain fluorescent agent, has a harmful effect on the health of my family's? Don't worry, laundry, one-time solve the difficulties in laundry all for you!

with stubborn stains said byebye

clothes collarband always wash not clean? Baby oil food stains on the clothes is always an eyesore? In fact you need is not a better washing machine, but a decontamination ability stronger washing product!
we all know that clean detergent, depends on the content of active matter effectively.

laundry using nanotechnology, add plant enzymes, active matter content as high as 65%, thus laundry clean capacity is 6 times of the laundry detergent! Perspiration oily be soiled dishes stains milk stains all stubborn stains easily calm!

the fluorescent agent will say byebye

we dinner now afraid of cooking oil, afraid of melamine milk with mask of glucocorticoid.

but now laundry tablets using the latest German technology and formula, do not contain fluorescent agent, does not contain phosphorus, mild and not hurting hands, healthy environmental protection, as well as on the basis of their own health for the sake of your health, let you laundry, health health dress!

of wasting say byebye,

ordinary washing several times water or there will be a bubble, is more terrible and phosphorus, fluorescent agent, such as residue, the hazards to human body skin directly! However, laundry using nanometer high concentrated formula, clean force is 6 times of the laundry detergent, one can wash 3 kg clothes, save money! Than laundry detergent in addition low foam is easy to rinse, save a rinse, save water, no residue, less harm!

smart you figure out how much waste a year can be avoided, saved money, reduce how much harm!
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