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by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Laundry laundry products is an innovative, using nanotechnology, super concentrated technology, has more than the same amount of ordinary laundry products of clean power. Make the sheet, light and easy to carry; And will immediately dissolve in the hot and cold water, it does not contain phosphorus, without fluorescent whitening agent, biodegradable, almost no pollution to the environment, is an environmental protection product.

laundry sheet component

anionic surfactant: good, decontamination, foaming, dispersing, emulsifying, wetting characteristics.

non-ionic surfactant: dissolving it in water solubility with temperature increase and decrease. Non-ionic surface active agent with good washing, dispersion, emulsification, foaming, wetting, solubilization, antistatic, leveling, anti-corrosion, sterilizing and protective colloid and other properties.

nanometer antibacterial factor: antibacterial principle and antibacterial methods of nanometer antibacterial material.

sweet atmosphere factor: antibacterial detoxification, restore vitality, relieve pressure, purify the air.

deionized water: the water soluble organic remains, can reduce the pollution of ion exchange column which effect

laundry tablets advantage

1, nano super concentrated technology

a 4 g & other; Throughout the paper &; Can let the 3 kg - The clothes of 4 kg magically clean! This is the charm of nano super enrichment technology. And after enrichment, light and convenient, easy to visit with you.

2, 6 times cleaning force

laundry cleaning force is 6 times of the laundry detergent, but weight is less than 1/25 of laundry detergent.

3, no p

laundry plants, environmental protection, protect the health of you to protect your life environment traditional washing products technology lag behind, often use phosphorous chemicals as additives. But phosphorus can irritate the skin and cause damage, phosphorous sewage are released into rivers, lakes, the water ecological system is destroyed, will seriously affect water quality.

4, fluorescent whitening agent,

a surfeit of fluorescent whitening agent to produce a harm to human body harm the skin excessive fluorescent whitening agent, as a result of a technical problem in the past, washing products in order to achieve clean effect, have to add fluorescent whitening agent, various countries have clear regulations on the additive, because the fluorescent whitening agent will harm people's health. But laundry tablets directly without the additives, let you laundry, health health dress!

5, safety without add

laundry tablets do not use any harmful additives, PH value neutral and is environmentally safe.

6, safety care

children's laundry, clean underwear, protect the skin, laundry tablets to safe to caress you, traditional washing products, harmful additives, hurt the skin, especially for children's skin is more likely to cause harm, we usually wear underwear residue will cause skin disease, etc. Laundry sheet no harm skin additives! Can be at ease use.

7, fragrance lasting

scent persistence can reach 36 - 48 hours, is not only a good helper of laundry, and pure and fresh fragrance.
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