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Laundry in washing industry rise - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
It is understood that a appeared on the market today, laundry products, listed in just a few months time, is recognised by the market, after the relevant person in charge of the interview, we identified the laundry the authenticity of their products, but it can in a short period of time to become a rookie washing industry, is hype or fact, let's make a deep analysis. First of all, we in the quality of laundry sheet, material parameters, safety degree, marketing strategy, these three aspects, analysis and evaluation, the following conclusions.

laundry sheet product quality

we successively for several groups of washing products were tested, and compared with the laundry tablets, the quality of the launch, according to the effect of efficiency score, thirty percent and seventy percent respectively, from the four groups of data as you can see, at the same time testing the other three samples of a product ( Avoid personal attacks, so other products temporarily for details) , effectiveness and efficiency, only one, but still can't meet the requirements of we usually fast and efficient, clean, but from the comparison we can find the effect and efficiency of laundry tablets significantly is significantly higher than the other three groups, the efficiency of the above is about 5 and other products 6 times, the result shown on the laundry is not only slightly better, than the other three groups of 6 - higher than that of clean degree Seven times.

laundry sheet material parameter

field detection way we choose, material parameters using the professional instrument to carry on the appraisal of authority, besides the effect of traditional washing product components, and detect the anionic surfactant, nonionic surface active ingredients, nanometer antibacterial factor, factor and deionized water and sweet atmosphere, maybe you don't know, so, we do a supplement, the above several kinds of substances are with super active factor, zero harm to human body, it is also a decontamination higher-ups in the material.

laundry tablets safety degree

because now product security problem lets a person worry, so we test the safety degree in the laundry, is also precisely in the international system of units three digits after the decimal point, can say is very strict, so, from two direction detection, first of all, the harm of human body degree zero, inside laundry sheet does not contain any illegal elements, fluorescent agent or whitening agent carcinogens detection is zero, the impact on the environment on the other hand, after testing, the results show that does not contain phosphorus etc. environmental harmful substances.

so, through the detailed investigation, we found that the washing and laundry tablets has brought China a lot is not unfounded, also someone says they are just bad luck, but you should know the laundry of strong effect is that we (should) be reckoned with, so the laundry tablets could prove to be on their own strength to get the affirmation of the market.
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