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Laundry is a new generation of environmental protection laundry product! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
You also can't wash clean clothes on because their laundry products, time-consuming, laborious, water fee and misery? Are you still sad for hand wash protect products? Laundry to solve your problem! Laundry piece of nanotechnology in Germany, it is more than a dozen scientists for 8800 hours washing upgrade from liquid to solid, PH warm neutralization.

on the basis of non-ionic surfactant increased anionic surfactant and surfactant, easily remove oily be soiled, sundries, juice stains and other stubborn stains. Laundry, 3. 6 - 4. Only 1 gram per piece, melt 15 seconds, without scales, without harmful fluorescent whitening agent, without a proteolytic enzyme, lavender scent ( Light fragrance) Concentrated natural light, 36 hours. Each piece can be 3 kg washing, carton can wash 72 kilograms, a small amount of clothes can tear.

laundry tablets compared with ordinary laundry products:

ordinary laundry products directly touch, hurt the skin. Not easy to rinse, residue on clothes damage health. Long-term use, clothing yellow hair hard. Is not convenient to carry, storage space. With hot water immersion time is long, the effect will be better. Washing washing many times repeatedly, time-consuming, laborious, water fee, inefficient. Not environmental protection, the environmental pollution.

and laundry mild and neutral, it does not hurt the hand, do not hurt the clothes. Low foam products, rinse clean easily. Color, not faded, get rid of the traditional laundry supplies rub off problem, washes the Ming yan color bright, like a new dress. Solid flake, volume is small and exquisite. Hot water can be used with water and cold water. Decontamination is fast, clean effect is obvious, visible to the naked eye, wash stains dissolve a dry waste their, save time, save, save water, save electricity. Have mouldproof and moth-proofing, soft light function. Fresh and fragrant, adsorption odor, washing waste their dry keep light faint scent, no sweat smelled sultry weather.

laundry piece of five advantages:

1: easy and convenient, a box is equivalent to the amount of VAT of laundry detergent, no matter from the perspective of shopping or Courier fees, greatly convenient.

2: decontamination effect is remarkable, the national authority certification, decontamination effect is a brand of laundry detergent 2. 7 times, laundry more efficient, machine wash effect is more obvious.

3: solid color bright color, get rid of the traditional laundry supplies rub off problem, washing color is clear, bright as new clothes.

4: stay joss-stick lasting, adsorption odor, dry washing keep light faint scent, no sweat smelled, sweltering summer don't wear clothes hanging in the wardrobe, put in a can, there won't be moldy smell.

5: breakthrough advantages of environmental protection, put an end to the heavy metal pollution washing powder, also broke through the laundry detergent chemical ingredients are added, safety without stimulation, washing dirty water no matter where emissions are completely free from contamination, the home has a child of a pregnant woman is the best choice.
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