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Laundry manager told you: why the wash the yellow white clothes? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
White clothes & other; Yellow & throughout; Reason, basically have the following:

1. Washed white fabric will use the strong base classes or chlorine bleaching washing products, if you don't fully water after cleaning, the residual alkali in the fabric or chlorine bleaching auxiliaries can cause the more white fabric wash more yellow.

2. Clean white fabric washing supplies a single, in view of the stain did not use the correct cleaning agent, decontamination effect is not completely caused by the wash the yellow.

3. Alkali water quality is strong, is also the cause of fabric more wash more yellow.

4. Low water temperature, water quality hard also creates the more white fabric wash more yellow.

5. The unreasonable way of dry or wet fabric through the stack together.

how to prolong the life of white clothing, is not the wash the yellow?

one, the use of cleaner

in the process of laundry, with general washing powder or advanced tooth whitening washing powder, can effectively remove the light pollution white fabric stain. If is a cook working clothes, such as oil pollution serious clothing, experts advise when cleaning add oil emulsifier, this is a kind of high concentrated synthetic low foam oil emulsifier, dedicated to remove heavy oil, the effect is significant.

in the cleaning process, must according to the fabric stain targeted use of cleaner products, such as: remove the dirt on the fabric, the coffee scale, the pigment stains and sauce stains and other dirt, decontamination effect is good, and don't damage the fabric color, can choose oxygen bleaching agent; Remove stains on collar and cuffs, can choose pointed collar detergent; For the blood on the fabric choice in addition to the blood of washing powder, not only can be quickly and effectively remove the blood on the fabric, more can have antiseptic bacteriostasis effect.

2, thoroughly dehydrated

white clothes dehydration is not net, can also lead to yellow clothes, some detergent, liquid detergent, or bleach water is not clear (that) the detergent will remain in the clothing fibers, such not only leads to yellow clothes, still can make its softness down to harden. Clean white clothes if you want to white, must for fabric dehydration thoroughly. Three water softening,

white fabric wash yellow there is a big reason is that the water quality good, cause the washing effect is not ideal, because the cleaner can't work in hard water, general professional laundry to reduce caused by water quality clothing yellow, will use hard water softener, make water quality reached the standard of detergent can play a maximum effect.
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