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Laundry - nano super concentrated water Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Nanoparticles water deep clean laundry tablets formula specially added nanoparticles water formula, effective dispel clothes mite

nano super concentrated water laundry tablets made from nanoparticles by a variety of high surface activity, has a powerful effect to remove stubborn grease, perspiration and other ability, designed to remove stubborn stains. Reference to Germany's most advanced nanotechnology, using nanometer environmental degradation of materials, without any damage to the human body and environment.

super concentrated laundry tablets, using solid state formula release active factor in the hot and cold water, dissolved rapidly, clothing fibers, comprehensive clean ability into full play. Unique low foam Yi Piao mild, neutral, no stimulation, easy washing is not the characteristics of residue, energy-saving water conservation. Protective clothing color and fiber, make clothing lasting bright as new, soft and smooth.

product features: using nano super concentrated technology, light, easy to easy to wash easy to carry. The green formula, suitable ph value, clean clothes at the same time to ensure that health harmless, washed clothes bright color aroma.

method of use:

1, machine wash, will good clothes in the washing machine and put laundry tablets can be started.

2, washed by hand, please send the laundry into pieces with clothes basin ( The water will melt) With both hands, washing clothes.

ingredients: ethoxylated alkyl sodium sulfate, coconut oil fatty acid diethanolamide, glycerin, butyl hydroxy toluene, sweet atmosphere factor, four 2 amino acetate ethylene, anionic surfactant and divide mite element, deionized water.
warm prompt: in order to facilitate your usage, please place this product in a dry ventilated place.


1. Do not use in the dryer.

2, such as the eyes, rinse immediately with water, if swallow, please do not vomiting, drink a large glass of water or milk evacuation hospital; Storage: please placed away from children to avoid sun exposure, stored in the shade.
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