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Laundry, nanotechnology decontamination not nicked - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
At present, we use washing products, including laundry soap, washing powder and detergent, most contains one or more harmful ingredients. Such as phosphorus, fluorescent agent, talcum powder, silica, etc. Laundry tablets as a new type of high-tech washing products, with its friendly to the environment, no harm to human body and accepted by more and more consumers. Actually, laundry piece attracts you the most, is the highlight of decontamination ability.

it is well known that the principle is the use of surface active substance washing to remove stains, so the content of surface active matter many times became the important indicators of a washing product cleaning ability.

laundry main material is a special structure nanoparticles, helps to emulsification, dispersion and dissolution of dirt. Its surface active matter content is very high, can effectively remove stain clothing. 1 super concentrated nano laundry pills can at least 2 - cleaning 4 kg clothes, compared with the traditional laundry products, cleaning ability turned over several times. At the same time, with the use of nanotechnology, laundry tablets in escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate is very high, has the very good antiseptic bacteriostasis ability. In rainy weather, the use of laundry can significantly reduce bacterial growth, achieve antibacterial, mouldproof effect.

nano super concentrated laundry piece USES the German advanced technology, is under the influence of water soluble, can more quickly and deeply more thoroughly purify the sedimentary obstinate stains on clothes. Compared with the traditional way, laundry tablets not only greatly improve the decontamination ability but does not contain phosphorus, fluorescent agent, and other harmful additives, really do zero damage of skin and human health. More it is worth mentioning that laundry rinse convenient fast, after use, waste water biodegradation rate by more than 98% a week later, is a kind of green ecological new washing product!

at present, the industry's leading laundry slice of the whole water formula, laundry tablets dissolve and water quality are still clear, PH value test is neutral, does not hurt the clothes not hurting hands, after use, waste water can be directly discharged or used for watering the flowers with fish, it serves to show strong safety performance and environmental performance.
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