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Laundry, open health - washing new era Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Detergent, laundry detergent and other traditional cleaning products is often used in people's life of laundry products, however, some traditional washing products contain various chemical composition is not only to the water environment caused great destruction, in the course of day-to-day use has caused an indelible damage to human skin. In order to bring to people's health harmless laundry life, Shanghai new d health management co. , LTD. , special joint international famous finchem biotechnology to develop launched a new generation of clothing cleaning products & ndash; — Laundry, make broad consumer at the same time of easy cleaning besmirch, also can take care of your hands, your health.

compared with the traditional washing products, laundry has multiple advantages. Traditional washing products often contain phosphorus, aluminum and other harmful substances, not only will cause serious environmental pollution in the process of discharge, also has strong stimulation to the skin, even corrode action. Laundry laundry is health formula, which does not contain phosphorus composition and harmful chemical substances, won't cause any damage to hands. At the same time, laundry products for flake, when travel is very convenient to carry out. Both teenagers, middle-aged and old people can be at ease use, suitable for hand wash, machine wash washing a variety of ways.

at the same time, using nanometer technology super concentrated laundry, than the same volume of laundry detergent, laundry detergent and washing product has more powerful ability to clean. It is understood that some detergent, laundry detergent manufacturer after washing clothes to make it look more bright beautiful, add fluorescent whitening agent in the product, put on this kind of washing clothes, washing products will be a deep threat to human health. Laundry tablets do not add any fluorescent whitening agent, choosing instead to add the triple surfactant. Triple surfactant is six times that of the traditional washing products, clean force and has three big functions, cleaning, disinfection, smooth into clothing, deeply clean at the same time, protect human health.

in addition, the laundry very mild to skin. In order to get rid of the acidic organic stains, mostly in traditional washing products into the soda ash. But easy to cause the fingers soda ash coarsens, skin hardens. Laundry PH is neutral, do not contain strong alkaline, gentle no stimulation, can maintain smooth delicate fingers, also can keep the clothes quality and life. At the same time, laundry with hard water resistance factor to adaptive high hardness water quality environment, so even in hard water washing clothes in the water will not affect the washing effect, cleaning efficacy remains the same.

today, healthy life has become people pursuit of the goal. Care for their health to start from the simple things, laundry opens new era health washing, give your life a bit more healthy!
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