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Laundry or - would lead catharsis things development trend Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Rapid growth of market capacity for cleaning products industry has injected vitality, the industry is very active, increased competition, the application of the new technology is also more frequently, and have some new development trends, create new product shape, laundry tablets produced under the background of it is in this market.
in the industry of science and technology, information technology, the composite effect from thinking pattern and so on, all walks of life have an obvious characteristics, that is & other Trend is greater than the advantage & throughout; 。 No matter which industry, what kind of business model, a trend setter can always monopolize market resources. In the Internet age, this process will be greatly reduced.

the evolution of the form to do laundry more convenient and practical, in the cleaning products industry, form of modern catharsis things happened a few times innovation, from the earliest laundry soap to the washing powder, again from innovations to the laundry detergent washing powder. Only from the change of the form we can found that the generation of new change reason your pursuit of laundry portable degrees. Friendly laundry soap for hand washing, but couldn't used to machine wash. Washing powder is a product the evolution of the laundry soap, friendly to machine wash, but defect is difficult to keep the opened the package when, laundry residual easy to agglomerate. Laundry detergent for further optimization.

but in terms of degree of portable, and the emergence of new laundry piece seems to be more advantages. On the dosage, flake of laundry is also easier to grasp. On the use of convenience and portability, laundry sheet has the advantages of healthy environmental protection concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people is the chance of laundry tablets, in modern life, are also further strengthen the idea of healthy environmental protection. In daily chemical industry, many widely add chemicals were found in the harm to the environment or human health, doses are banned or strict constraints.

for example, in the past many of phosphorus, phosphate and other chemical additives, is causing soil pollution, one of the main causes of eutrophication of water body, was almost a total ban on today. And this has certain social dispute additives, fluorescent agent generally do not recommend to add to the baby in the detergent.

in general, under the premise that can meet the demand of daily cleaning, to adopt new forms of laundry tablets are expected to be the next wet cleaning products market.
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