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Laundry piece and color piece what kind of characteristics - have Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Laundry laundry products as a creative, it makes the laundry sheet products can make it, it is very light and convenient to carry, and mother to prevent series color color, to mix wash dark clothing, and the effect of anti mite antibacterial. Today give you compare them what advantage compared with the traditional way.

the phonological features of laundry:
1, decontamination is fast, clean effect is obvious: national authority certification, decontamination effect is a brand of laundry detergent 2. 7 times, laundry more efficient, machine wash effect is more obvious.
2, fresh and fragrant: adsorption odor, dry washing keep light faint scent, no sweat smelled sweltering summer days!
3, nursing his clothes smooth as new!
4, moderate does not hurt the hand!
5, low foam, easy to rinse!
6, protecting color, not faded, get rid of the traditional laundry supplies rub off problem, washes the Ming yan color bright, like a new dress!
7, namely under the influence of water!
8, mouldproof, moth-proofing, care for your family's health: don't wear clothes hanging in the wardrobe, put in a can, there won't be moldy smell. While traditional laundry faults: contain fluorescent agent, harmful material such as hydrolase, phosphorus, PH value, wounded clothing and hand! And hazardous to health, pollute the environment!

color master piece features:
1, the string of color, the color, using nanometer fiber material, can make the color master piece of strong adsorption hydrolysis activity of color particles, making clothes mixed wash not in color.
2, convenient, thin and light and easy to store, convenient to carry.
3, powerful clean, suck bacteria; Of nanometer fiber material, color master piece honeycomb mesh, firmly adsorbed clothes dirt and impurities, purify bacteria, color master piece also is to have clean effect, and laundry together better.
4, remove peculiar smell, it helps remove sweat smell, etc.
5, prevent fade, lock color particles can effectively prevent the clothes fade, ensure the clothes after washing and beautiful as before, this effect is equivalent to gold spinning, masterbatch chip not only can adsorb dissolved in the water color particles, particles and lock color, lock the clothing color, the activity of general water inside the particle, who lock, the original color.
6, inhibit mite, rich in strong sterilization factor, inhibition of mites breeding in the clothing, protect the skin health.
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