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Laundry piece effect how? What are the advantage and selling point? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Laundry tablets advantage and selling point 1, ultra-high price

laundry a box of 24 pieces, equipped with a bottle of scouring more essence. A heavy, only 4 g can clean 3 kg of clothes, a box which is equivalent to 72 kg can wash clothes!

2, cleaning force
laundry inside effective content up to 54. Is 5%, the effective surface active agent, it is really clean effect. Laundry cleaning force is 6 times of the laundry detergent, but my weight is less than 1/25

3, safe non-toxic environmental protection

laundry does not contain phosphorus, do not contain fluorescent agent, do not contain alkaline salt

4, ultra-high sterilization in addition to mites

laundry sterilization in addition to mites rate can reach 99%, while traditional washing products can only achieve 40%

5, unique elegant fragrant scent

laundry is 36 - lasting flavor 48 hours

laundry slice of the main ingredients:
1, anionic surfactants: good, decontamination, foaming, dispersing, emulsifying, wetting characteristics such as

2, non-ionic surface active agent, has a good washing, dispersion, emulsification, foaming, wetting, solubilization, antistatic, leveling, anti-corrosion, sterilizing and protective colloid and other performance

3, nanometer antibacterial factor: antibacterial principle and antibacterial methods of nanometer antibacterial material

4, sweet atmosphere factor: antibacterial detoxification, restore vitality, relieve pressure, purify air

5, deionized water, the water soluble organic remains, can effect to reduce the pollution of ion exchange column, will have to wash the clothes drifting on the water color factor in the process of the rapid absorption so as to achieve the effect of a series of color proof. Get rid of the traditional laundry supplies rub off.

laundry tablets advantage

1, the forefront of nanometer fiber material, makes the laundry can strong adsorption hydrolysis activity of color particles, make clothes mixed wash no longer string of color, light as a feather of laundry, light, thin, easy to store, easy to carry. Remove peculiar smell, fresh aroma, it helps remove the smell unpleasant smell, make you wash clothes more aromatic, prevent fade, lock color particles can effectively prevent the clothes fade, ensure the clothes after washing a bright color again, inhibit mite, rich in super germicidal factors, inhibition of mites breeding in the clothing, protect your skin health. Main component of viscose fiber + polyester fiber by process made of non-woven fabric, safe and widely used in cosmetics and shampoo products, security is completely no problem!

2, strong adsorption on the various kinds of reactive dyes in the water, so as to make the other light color washing clothes together to be dyed. The birth of laundry tablets is not just a new cleaning products, but also a change of The Times. Has begun a new laundry industry, laundry sheet has the advantage of traditional laundry products unmatched, whether it is clean, healthy, environmental protection, price, efficiency and so on are far beyond the traditional washing products! This is why we launched the laundry tablets had promoted by European and American countries.
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