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Laundry - piece of swimming in low carbon new life Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Low carbon concept is energy-saving concept. The emergence of the concept of low carbon is along with the global industrial economy rapid development, to the global environment have a huge negative effect and bring up the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. In industrial emissions to reduce carbon emissions is one of the important conditions, low carbon in life advocate energy conservation and emissions reduction is low carbon life advocated by the new concept.

in the numerous factors that can affect the environment, save energy and water resources are the important two. Laundry by a product, the depth of mining and energy saving new technology, nanotechnology materials and energy saving applications in the top in the washing industry.

the research and development of nanometer materials of laundry decontamination principle is very simple, is the use of tiny nanoparticles laundry besmirch molecules out of the clothes, and then quickly dissolved in water. Laundry sheet of special structure of nano-materials make washing process is simple and rapid. Laundry tablets because there is no regular washing products containing phosphorus and fluorescent whitening agent, so the cleaned clothes of water can be used to water the flowers and plants, even more than a complete reversal of the washing water bubble can not use again.

to save electricity, laundry also performed well, greatly improved the daily laundry takes the problem of inefficient, favored by customers. Low carbon environmental protection concept, which immediately recognized by consumers, but also put the low carbon environmental protection into the ordinary people.

carbon exists in everyone's daily life, carrying the bus or walk to work, whether small or use less printing paper, is a contribution to environmental protection. There is a low carbon environmental protection in the future, that is to use the laundry, swimming in low carbon new life.
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