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by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Scientific research technology of leapfrog development has brought great convenience to human daily life, many scientific inventions changed people's life in the hundreds or even thousands of years. In the field of washing products, the experience from some soap to washing powder to the development of laundry detergent after change, the new laundry is to join washing product family, trying to share of the market.

laundry chip manufacturers have graced the established market for decades, have recently in TV, Internet crazy refresh a laundry brand. So the question comes, laundry piece really that good? From the consumer's point of view, it is worth buying?

we from the laundry tablets of several main selling points one by one analysis, can be roughly concluded.

portable over fashion: a visual impact, but is not widely

fashion mean? Fashion means advance, means a niche that laundry tablets did. Laundry tablets from the power of the packaging to the product characteristics are very has the visual impact, as consumers, saw the bags of washing powder, or canned laundry detergent, suddenly saw a box of laundry products will certainly feel very fashion, especially inside the product is flake, and laundry products in people's mind.

the problem is that fashion is relative, after laundry tablets popularity, will fashion? So fashionable is not enough to become the reason of choose and buy, can only play the role of the icing on the cake. Besides the portable function, for long-term business, tourist crowd, this feature is really great, because is too heavy, washing powder is bad sealing. Only wash clothes, perfectly solve the problem of the portable.
but this feature for those who don't travel family, is also the function of the icing on the cake.

on the fluorescent whitening agent: caution is ten thousand a ship, don't add better than add

the topic of fluorescent whitening agent have been hotly debated in recent years, on the one hand, the lagging of national standards, on the other hand is a clinical validation of fluorescent whitening agent whether have damage, is also different. Do not dispute the fact is that countries on food packaging, exercise books, sanitary napkin and so on in close contact with the body of the product is strictly a given use of fluorescent agent, most babies dedicated laundry products do not contain fluorescent agent.

for ordinary consumers, caution is ten thousand a ship, don't tube what chemical additives, in does not affect the use effect under the premise of not adding, of course, is the best. So laundry products do not contain fluorescent agent indeed with relatively more comfortable, especially at home with children, pregnant women or sensitive skin while waiting for the crowd.

about healthy environmental protection, comply with the demand of the development of the era

the health and environmental protection has become the common pursuit of modern, health is the precondition for the people to be able to enjoy life, environmental protection is the premise of people can enjoy the beautiful environment. Laundry tablets in healthy environmental protection efforts mainly is to use the formula does not contain phosphorus, lead and other known significantly harm the human body and natural environment, neutral formula for both the human body, clothing and on soil, water source are almost non-existent.

so, in the field of healthy environmental protection, laundry really did a good job, in the case of washing products on the market the good and bad are intermingled, look for the laundry tablets do worry, do not need to be carefully to see if the package contains hazardous to health or environmental protection.

about cleaning ability: surface active substance is very important, the specific effect than before to know

it is well known that the principle is the use of surface active matter washing to remove the stain, so the content of surface active matter many times became the important indicators of a washing product cleaning ability. By nano super concentrated technology, a brand of laundry surface active matter content is can reach more than 50%, is indeed a previous contact laundry products far in excess of the consumers.

but there are a lot of kinds of stains, every family, the clean problem encountered is endless also and same, this is many brands on the market of washing products will be developed for a certain trait of washing products, so whether a product is suitable for their own actual situation, also need to consider.

laundry sheet surface active matter content is very big, really really has a strong cleaning efficiency for most besmirch. But is suitable for some special occasions, also need to be used.

the conclusion that the biggest advantage is worry

a lot of subdivision category with detergent, laundry detergent, differentiation, currently on the market sales of laundry almost are more environmentally friendly formula, do not contain fluorescent agent, does not contain phosphorus, lead and so on substances or additives, has become the consensus of the laundry sheet manufacturer and standard. This makes consumers worry a lot.

for example, a treasure mom want to buy laundry products, and she is from the vast number of laundry products dedicated to find that only apply to the baby's laundry products, and if she chooses to laundry, that she basically just need to choose one of the most common laundry tablets.

so, if you're looking for trouble, that laundry is really very good.
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