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Laundry powder OEM manufacturers to analyze the difference between high-foaming detergent and low-foaming detergent

by:Jingliang     2023-06-08
Washing powder OEM manufacturers to analyze the difference between high-foaming washing powder and low-foaming washing powder. Anyone can wash clothes, but not everyone understands the choice of washing powder. For example, there is a common sense that the washing powder used in the washing machine should be low-foaming washing powder. Why is this? Let's talk about the common sense that people neglect in their daily lives, the difference between high-foaming washing powder and low-foaming washing powder. The so-called high-foaming washing powder refers to the washing powder with sodium alkyl sulfonate as the main body. Sodium alkyl sulfonate is a chemical substance. In the molecular structure of anionic surfactants, there is a strong hydrophilic sulfonic acid group connected with the hydrocarbon group, which has strong surface activity and good solubility in low temperature water. The foaming ability of sodium alkyl sulfonate is very strong, and a lot of foam will occur when washing clothes and it is not easy to remove it. The high-foaming washing powder has rich foam and strong detergency. It is suitable for hand washing clothes, and can be used for washing cotton and linen. In the past, people thought that the more foam the washing powder has, the better the ability to decontaminate. Therefore, the manufacturer added a foaming agent (ie, surfactant) to the composition of the washing powder. With the development of science, the popularization of washing machines, and the progress of people's understanding, the disadvantage of high-foaming laundry detergent is more and more difficult to rinse in machine washing. To this end, scientists have invented low-foaming laundry detergent. Low-foaming laundry detergents have better scrubbing results than high-foaming laundry detergents with less foam. The so-called low-foaming washing powder refers to the addition of a certain amount of soap flakes and a non-ionic surfactant called polyether on the basis of ordinary washing powder. When these two substances are mixed with sodium alkyl benzoate, there will be a synergistic effect between the molecules, so that the wetting, dispersing, and solubilizing abilities related to detergency closeness are increased compared with the original single variety. In this way, the decontamination ability of the washing powder is increased, and the foaming ability of sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate is suppressed. In addition, the synergistic effect will make the film of the foam thinner and eventually cause the foam to burst when it has occurred. This is the reason why low-foaming washing powder produces a few bubbles and disappears quickly, and it is also the reason why low-foaming washing powder is suitable for machine washing.
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