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by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
We usually is to use the washing powder detergent, something I understand the following me!

laundry detergent for washing sofa cover, jacket and other heavy fabric. Washing powder is strongly basic ( PH value more than 12) , we need to wear gloves in use process, to reduce the stimulation of the skin. Often remain after some phosphorus detergent, wash, it is difficult to clean thoroughly, so better not to wash, wore clothes washing powder. Wash clothes washing powder dosage also want to try a little less. Washing powder in the process of use and cannot be completely dissolved, residue easily lead to clothing damage, and not easy to rinse;

general detergents containing phosphorus, containing fluorescent whitening agent can cause cancer. Phosphorus can affect human body to absorb calcium, such as rickets. Clothes in the process of rinsing it's not easy to remove phosphorus quality & ndash; — In order to health, you want to use more water, more time to rinse. Can cause cancer of fluorescent whitening agent, the clothes look beautiful like new, but the fluorescent whitening agent is only from the optical make clothes look clean, but in fact the stain still exist. Although with very little concentrated laundry detergent to clean a lot of clothes, but as a result of packing dosage instructions on the bottle easily confusing, so consumers can easily excessive use of laundry detergent. When they will stay outside on the bottle.

and laundry tablets can be completely dissolved and dissolving speed, Yi Piao washable, not hurt the skin and clothing. Laundry tablets have higher technical content, easy to add a variety of active ingredients, after washing can make clothes fluffy, soft, smooth and bright, and have in addition to the bacteria and the efficacy of lasting flavor. Using low comprehensive cost, are widely accepted by people. On the other hand, the dosage of the laundry sheet is more easy to learn.

may you for this new product is strange, after all, in the domestic basically do not heard of laundry is what! But when we first started to learn laundry tablets, in fact, the European and American countries have begun to vigorously popularizing use laundry! Laundry laundry efficiency and environmental protection, are far beyond the traditional washing products, that is why Europe and the United States strongly recommended laundry products.

but we still use strong alkaline detergent and domestic heavy laundry detergent! Have to admit that this is the gap! You can search using washing powder and detergent exactly how long will hurt our! Wash the clothes color is changed, hand desquamate, dressed in just wash skin is urticant, wash not clean, especially the clean underwear, residues and throughout your clothes & still; Leave & throughout; And so on. Believe that everyone goes through!
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