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Laundry room how to improve the efficiency of grass cloth washing _ laundry washing efficiency method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Number unchanged, detergent washing equipment quality unchanged under the condition of the same environment, in order to improve the work efficiency, we must use some scientific methods and skills. This is especially true for water washing, today for everyone to share a few aspects of improving the efficiency of water.

the basic mechanism of the continuous water contain low contamination of lotion is used to replace the waters surrounding the fiber fabric, make the fiber internal contamination spread to new washing liquid. Repeat this process until completion of the washing process. In order to make the net washing process consumes less water and achieve the goal of net washing. The linen washing equipment adopt different measures of the efficiency, in order to achieve the goal of high efficiency and energy saving, there are several commonly used methods.

laundry linen washing efficiency to do these things

1, countercurrent washing

reflux refers to the flow direction and fabric washing liquid process of running in the opposite direction. In a washing equipment, washing liquid is added to the last one in the water tank, and sequentially reverse flow into the other water tank in the washing machines. In a separate water trough, the water from the fabric exports to join in the fabric out into the sink.

when the fabric by the sink, the movement of water through the channel continuously supply fabric to gradually have less fabric on dirt. Reverse flow not only saves energy, it is modern washing technology is a basic method.

2, improve the washing temperature

to make in a short period of time to achieve the purpose of washing, is the most effective ways to improve the spread of the sewage system. Diffusion system is a unit of time, the fabric with dirt on the molecules to the amount of diffusion in the solution. The influencing factors of diffusion coefficient, the temperature is one of the main factors influencing the diffusion coefficient.

the temperature increase, the coefficient of diffusion system will increase, because the temperature increase after lotion fouling of the molecular activity can increase, reduce the concentration of contaminants in the fiber surface boundary layer. Make the saturated state of the fiber surface boundary layer is destroyed, so the dirt from the fiber into the lotion and speed increases, the number of diffusion system is improved. In addition, due to temperature increase, the water's surface and lower viscosity, can accelerate fiber containing dirt on puffing separation.

temperature increase can also reduce the affinity of dye such as dirt on the fiber, increasing the boundary layer of the exchange rate. So, improve the washing temperature can significantly increase the diffusion system.
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