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by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Organized by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the third quarter & other; Material with a liquid detergent, sanitary ware detergent & throughout; Country selectives examination, announced the results. The spot check included: Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui, guangdong, guangxi, chongqing, sichuan and other eight provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government 49 washing products production enterprises, the total selectived examination 60 batches of product.

among them, the material with a liquid detergent, also we usually say of laundry detergent, accounts for more than half of the spot product, a total of 32 batches. However, the result of the test is not satisfactory. In the product of the active matter content, PH value, the total phosphorus pentoxide, stipulated the detergency of dirty cloth, surfactant content, fluorescent agent matter content such as six tests of the project, only 12 batches of product line pressing, to scrape through. All of the remaining 20 batches of laundry detergent is unqualified, widespread below-standard detergency, surfactant is not up to standard, the PH alkaline too strong, the problem such as fluorescent agent content exceeds bid. One of the most serious a laundry detergent in that a fluorescent agent content detection, far supranational standard 12 times, really stunning.

laundry detergent, was exposed as early as a few years ago, today, however, these problems still exist, haven't been solved fundamentally. We have to worry about my health, washing products similar to these traditional washing detergent, laundry detergent, is really necessary to continue to use? What it means to detect unqualified washing products? In this list several, in the hope that we can better understand the hazards.

a fluorescent whitening agent, the traditional washing product that can produce clean white clothes. Fluorescent agent residue on clothes through close contact with human skin into our body, it is not easy to decompose, but accumulated in the body, greatly reduce the human body immunity, and damage the blood system, its toxic accumulation in the liver and other vital organs, breaks down into aniline class material, make human body cell appears variability tendency, cause cancer.

2, phosphorus element in the traditional washing products, have the effect of dissolve dirt. But long-term exposure can affect human body to absorb calcium, serious can result in developmental problems in children, cartilage disease, long is not high. The old man can cause conditions such as osteoporosis, waist and leg pain.

3, traditional washing products with strong alkaline, PH is strongly basic, has been the traditional washing products were a big reason for being. Although alkali has to remove fat dirt saponification and special effects, but at the same time, it will rot the molecular structure, causing wash wash more hard, quality, more the worse, the washing the light problems, such as color. A laundry detergent is bad also to continue to use, before we know, because there is no substitute.

laundry tablets is a unique, strong, green washing formula, through the nano super concentrated technology sheet made of new type of washing products. Its light small, namely under the influence of water soluble, healthy, clean and strong. In fact, in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries and regions, like laundry piece of laundry already popular, market share, at 90%, is thousands of choice for laundry.

compared with traditional washing products, laundry has a huge advantage.

first, do not contain fluorescent agent. Children's clothes, women's underwear you can rest assured the washing!

the second, do not contain phosphorus, green environmental protection, natural and harmless, to ensure her family clothing health.

third, create a nanometer cleaning technology, to oil, vegetable juice, ink and other stubborn stains.

4, mild and neutral PH value formula, can prolong the service life of clothing. No matter how wash, clothing was soft and comfortable!

5, using nanometer technology super concentrated, compact decontamination ability. A laundry every piece only 4 g, is under the influence of water soluble, can be washed 3 & ndash; Family 4 kg clothes, easy to use, store carry more convenient.

6, lasting fragrance, fragrant for up to 36 & ndash; 48 hours. Make sure your clothes lasting fragrance, increase your confidence and charm.

laundry sheet listed from the beginning, has been in line with improving domestic washing environment, the aim of the reform of the domestic washing market, determined to bring people more healthy comfortable, natural environmental protection, science and technology strong, economical washing new experiences. This is washing is done, and will continue to do it.
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