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Laundry sheet listed bring a of thunder - washing market Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Careful people will find, originally is the quality of a material is very good clothes, why more wash more hard, and the washing the dark yellow color? As people to the laundry request and the enhancement of environmental awareness, more and more people are turning to the laundry. And laundry, main technology is the introduction of nanotechnology foreign components are ion surface active agent, decontamination capability, and can penetrate play a role of washing clothing fibers, decontamination more thoroughly. Can say laundry tablets, injected a new power into the washing industry, as one of thunder disrupting the washing of the traditional market, brings the transformation of washing industry a new direction.

traditional washing products in use process is not completely dissolved, residue easily lead to clothing damage, and not easy to rinse; And laundry tablets can dissolve quickly and completely dissolved faster, more Yi Piao washable, not hurt the skin and clothing. Washing powder is strongly basic, PH value is more than 12, in use process need to wear gloves, to reduce the stimulation of the skin; And laundry tablets neutral PH, gentle formula does not hurt the hand.

laundry tablets have higher technical content, easy to add a variety of active ingredients, after washing can make clothes fluffy, soft, smooth and bright, and have in addition to the bacteria and the efficacy of lasting fragrant, using the comprehensive cost is low.

laundry products produced by traditional waste liquid in nature cannot fully biodegradable, cause the water eutrophication, caused great pollution to the environment. And laundry can be completely degradation, won't cause pollution to the environment.

laundry tablets advantage:

1, super concentrated: using the latest nanotechnology forming super concentrated laundry, since then say goodbye to your heavy laundry detergent washing powder.

2, usage: water and hot water all can use cold water, a piece of 3 - wash 4 kg clothes, XiYiLiang small half off.

3, cleaner, laundry tablets containing anionic surfactant and non-ionic surfactant and amphoteric surfactant, can be more thoroughly clean clothes, give you different clean!

4, easy to store, don't have to worry about going into pieces, will freeze, the eaves of a nanometer ultra concentrated instant laundry tablets all have no, only there is packing box can

5, environmental protection: laundry without phosphorus, green biodegradable ingredients that don't cause pollution, do not contain fluorescent agent, phosphor, pay more attention to your health.
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