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by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
In recent years, an aging population, sub-health, such as vocabulary gradually become a hot word, public attention to health reached unprecedented heights. With the growth of economy, per capita disposable income has increased, and constantly improve people's health requirements.

health become social development trend

the eighteenth big explicitly put forward in 2020 to build a well-off society in an all-round way, health is the necessary condition of promoting people's all-round development, and adhere to the direction of the health services for the people, adhere to prevent disease is given priority to, improve the national health policy. So big health industry with the wind of policy guidance, into the golden development.

big health belongs to general health concept, around the daily life of people and physical, focus on all kinds of risk factors which can affect health and pitfalls, advocate self health management. Its pursuit is not only the individual health, also includes spiritual, mental, physical, social, environmental and ethical aspects of health completely. Not only advocate the science of healthy living, more correct healthy consumption, etc.

catharsis things into the evolution stage of

laundry supplies as thousands of necessaries of life, is closely related to everyone. Laundry product safety or not, also to the health of everyone more or less influence. Laundry supplies throughout in circulation, most have some problems:

detergent containing a large number of phosphorus, belongs to the strong alkaline. After use detergent to wash the clothes, can feel the hand particularly dry, laundry because of destruction of the internal fiber, dry becomes hard, not soft at all. In addition to produce certain effect on the hands and clothing, after washing wastewater discharge into the rivers and lakes, would result in higher content of phosphorus in water, the water quality eutrophication trend, the result in all kinds of algae and aquatic plants infested, turbid water quality, water oxygen, destroy the ecological environment.

washing powder and detergent containing fluorescent whitening agent, fluorescent whitening agent is added in the laundry detergent can cover effect to the stain, in order to achieve whitening brightening effect, saving the cost of production. But fluorescent agent, once attached to it is difficult to be cleaned in the surface of clothes, accumulation, the more clothes will yellow dim. Fluorescent whitening agent not only has damage to the clothing, the harm to human body health is more serious. Many people may not believe that Internet's comments on the fluorescent whitening agent harm, feel for a decade or two years of laundry supplies did not appear any questions, let us media have reported that the experts how to say:

not happen does not represent does not exist, and we can do is to nip in the bud, don't wait to problem to regret. Now that is commonly used in life laundry supplies are unsafe, that should use what consumers to wash the clothes?

in order to adapt to the healthy development of the market demand, laundry arises at the historic moment. Laundry laundry products is an innovative, by adopting the technology of super concentrated, removing water compressed into flake. More important is the laundry pieces do not contain phosphorus, do not contain fluorescent whitening agent and harmful material harm to human health and the environment, using the gentle formula, the harm of the clothes is almost zero, is a truly healthy environmental protection laundry products. On the clean function, can completely replace detergent, laundry detergent, even than the amount of ordinary laundry products have better clean power.

laundry market space massive

consumers are now pursuing green, health, safe environmental protection, traditional washing products will gradually lose competitiveness, laundry with its own unique advantages, opened the washing industry to realize green development, the breakthrough of health transformation, open new era health laundry.

according to the Chinese cleaning products industry association statistics show that in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the laundry has accounted for more than 80% of laundry detergent market, and laundry products market share in China is less than 10%, has a large market space for development.

laundry rigid demand and China has a population of 1. 4 billion, according to the characteristics of the laundry supplies high consumption, high purchase, laundry slice of the market prospect is very broad. According to experts predict that by 2018 China's washing market annual sales of 200 billion yuan.
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