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Laundry sheet market prospects? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
The era of laundry soap, detergent powder, laundry detergent, to today's laundry. Washing industry constantly updated, the starting point is always health problems. That I want to talk about laundry advantages and market prospects. Why catharsis things constantly to update the alternate, currently on the market there is still a soap, detergent powder, laundry detergent, throughout the cleaning products industry, laundry detergent is undoubtedly the most mainstream catharsis things, why will appear this kind of circumstance. Analogy about diet, from rice to eat, eat satisfied, now eat well, eat healthy.

why people pursuit is always in constant change? Why we started to pay attention to health? Because, people's rich, we are no longer pursue eat satisfied wear warm, we pay more attention to the quality of the diet is even higher levels of dietary culture. The return to our washing industry, in the same way, we clearly understand modern people began to pursue the quality of life, and the guarantee of the quality of life undoubtedly is a healthy body. Therefore the health life clothes washing is especially important.

most inside contain phosphorus, washing powder and detergent base will contain fluorescent whitening agent, phosphorus harm I need not say more, the effect of fluorescent whitening agent is actually make clothing color looks bright color, has not really break down of the impurities, fluorescent whitening agent may also cause cancer, maternal and infant close-fitting clothing, cleaning, especially should pay attention to, and so on a series of symptoms of breast cancer may be associated with their underclothes have very big. Most of laundry detergent products on the market of fluorescent whitening agent content is not in conformity with the national standard, so the harm to human body is obvious. To see the new laundry washing products, phoenix TV reported & other; Washing industry faces the transition.

laundry tablets become a vital force market & throughout; The article, apparently this day and age, the development of green environmental protection concept already thorough popular feeling, and we're going to reclaim their physical and mental health, builds the good social environment, protect the ecological environment of the earth, is a very urgent matter at present. Washing supplies the most effective component is the active matter, the laundry tablets varieties available in the market is also more and more, here to introduce a new product called & other; Laundry sheet & throughout; 。 German nanotechnology, clear water, these words are undoubtedly attract us. Custom laundry, composition of active matter more than fifty percent, can be combined with molecular impurities completely decomposed impurities, thus to achieve the clothes cleaning effect.

laundry is nano super concentrated in Germany technology to develop and become a kind of multi-functional ecological washing the new product, through the China environmental science society, the organization's environmental benefit evaluation and technological achievements appraisal, the national invention patent product, compared with the traditional way, greatly improving the product's decontamination capability, no phosphorus, no added, does not hurt the hand, washing in water can be decomposed quickly melt, releasing nanoscale clean small molecules, deeper more thoroughly purify the deposition in the obstinate stains on the clothes. Laundry tablets advantage is as follows:

first, do not contain fluorescent agent. Children's clothes, women's underwear you can rest assured the washing! Washing water can also fish, can water the flowers, absolutely safe.

the second, do not contain phosphorus, green environmental protection, natural and harmless, to ensure her family clothing health.

3, the first nano cleaning technology, to oil, vegetable juice, ink and other stubborn stains. Clean power is laundry detergent six times! Sterilization in addition to mites rate is as high as 99%.

4, mild and neutral PH value of the formula, can prolong the service life of clothing. No matter how wash, clothing was soft and comfortable!

5, nano super concentrated technology made in Germany, compact and efficient. A Jing's soft piece of bright clean laundry only 4 g, is under the influence of water soluble, can be washed 3 & ndash; Family 4 kg clothes, easy to use, store carry more convenient.

6, lasting fragrance, fragrant for up to 36 & ndash; 48 hours. Make sure your clothes lasting fragrance, increase your confidence and charm. Look at the price of the common people most concerned about, washing supplies use most at present is to laundry detergent, a pot of good family laundry detergent about 50 or so, and too heavy. And laundry convenient piece of light, portable, only 4 g can clean a 3 kg of clothes. Advantage one a piece of 3. 8 g custom laundry tablets, to make 3 to 4 kg of clothes magically clean, effect is very shocked, this is the charm of nano super concentrated.

the place on put together is narrated, the laundry is washing industry to realize green development, a breakthrough in the transformation of health. It is not hard to see in the future in the market for washing, washing powder, laundry detergent and other traditional washing products will gradually lose competitiveness, lose their living space. We also have reason to believe that a belong to the age of the laundry tablets is kicked off, a healthy green new washing mode, will bring about a new wave of washing at home.
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