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Laundry tablets and portable - water saving Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Our country is one of the poorest countries in the global water resources per capita, and washing clothes is water & other; Big head & throughout; 。 Recently, laundry slices through the China environmental science society achievement appraisal of the organization. The participating experts agree that the national invention patent product, using the latest nanotechnology, greatly improve product decontamination ability, antibacterial, mouldproof, does not hurt textiles and skin, etc.

the authority test proved that compared with the traditional way, with the water washing can save at least half; Laundry wastewater discharge a week later, the biodegradation rate of 98. 2%, greatly reduce the pollution to the environment.

compared with the developed countries, our country catharsis things generally have low content of active matter, high effective constituents content phenomenon, washing efficiency is low, the increase of water, wastewater difficult and more outstanding. Laundry inventor Dr Jin-long wu said, they preferred the excellent performance of water-soluble polymer material.

no matter with hot water or cold water, laundry can be completely dissolved in water, no residue, increase the effective composition of washing and clothing contact surface, improve the efficiency of washing; Using nanotechnology play laundry tablets, greatly saves raw materials. Is a piece of laundry tablets ( 3. 3 g) Machine washable 3 kg more clothing, extremely significant effect of water saving and emissions reduction; Because it is state of dry matter, light volume, easy to carry and dramatically reduce transportation costs.

according to the statistics, Beijing laundry water more than 800 million cubic meters every year. Like all adopt the laundry, only Beijing kunming lake water can save $200 a year.
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