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Laundry tablets assist laundry new concept - 'green health' Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Laundry sheet to follow & other; Green health & throughout; Washing the new idea, in order to more portable design, save the cumbersome steps for measurement and for consumers bring brand-new & other; Green health & throughout; Laundry experience.

new pursuit of green healthy life according to the China cleaning products industry association statistics information center released data show that in 2015 China washing product total of about 13. 55 million tons, annual rate of 8. Within the scope of 68%, among which the statistical enterprise laundry detergent production of 185. 19 650000 tons, more than 2014 growth. 16%. These data fully shows the Chinese washing market demand growth and good market.

and according to the survey data for consumers, laundry detergent is being more and more consumer groups, but the traditional laundry detergent washing products still has vast market demand. It is important to note that although there is biggish difference category selection, but more than 7 respondents want washing product can more healthy environmental protection. According to consumer pursuit of green healthy living, the demand for green health products increasingly strong. For washing products, consumers are also put forward higher requirements & ndash; — Not only hope of washing products meet & other; Functional & throughout; & other requirements, it also puts forward the Don't damage the environment, do not harm health & throughout; The & other; Friendly & throughout; Demand. As a result, the natural plant as raw material washing supplies recognition by more respondents.

green, health, safety, environmental protection, has become the latest pursuit of washing products consumers. , laundry debut. Are adaptive, with intelligent patent formula, high hardness water quality environment ability to remove stains. Has deep scouring, deep clean, low foam Yi Piao, protection of clothing color, the effect such as long-term stay joss-stick, add natural plant active ingredients, mild and not hurting hands, alkaline residue after wash, laundry more healthy. Moreover, laundry use more convenient, save a lot of measurement.

laundry tablets do not contain fluorescent agent, phosphorous environmental protection does not hurt the hand! Plant extract + enzyme, stronger than the same amount of ordinary laundry products have clean, direct hit Chinese washing pain points, is more efficient to worry!
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