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Laundry tablets - — Brand new - no 'poison' washing products Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Washing and laundry tablets, as a new product, and is one of the difference of detergent, laundry detergent and washing product without & other; Poison & throughout; 。 9 add fluorescent whitening agent into washing supplies, main reason is the use of replacement cost would increase by twenty percent. Added in the laundry detergent, washing powder and other Fluorescent whitening agent & throughout; Can be said to be the industry & other; Hidden rules & throughout; Market, industry insiders revealed that washing industry can do not add products by less than ten percent in fluorescent whitening agent & throughout; 。

in fact, fluorescent whitening agent is not irreplaceable, but why many enterprises are still reluctant to give up? The main reason is cost. Fluorescent whitening agent and corresponding alternative raw material price difference can reach five times, without the use of fluorescent whitening agent of washing products to achieve the same effect of whitening, means that costs will rise about twenty percent.

recently, safety controversy about the fluorescent whitening agent, consumers are confused about. Some view the fluorescent whitening agent have carcinogenic risk, when the fluorescent whitening agent contact with human body, with pores into the body, to the human body skin, viscera, each system to produce serious harm.

3 q fluorescent whitening agent

1. What's the use of fluorescent whitening agent?

washing to remove the stain, but what about to go out? Industry is thought of as a layer of paint brush on clothes, this is the fluorescent whitening agent. Fluorescent whitening agent is a kind of dye, can cover effect to the stain, in order to achieve whitening brightening effect. But when the fluorescent whitening agent is piling up, white clothes will be more and more yellow, color clothes will be more and more dark.

2, fluorescent whitening agent what risk is there?

the experimental results show that by detergent containing fluorescent whitening agent, adopt the way of hand washing clothes, skin absorption of fluorescent whitening agent. Survey points out, even from Japan fluorescent whitening agent with the female close-fitting clothing will directly into the mammary gland in great quantities, directly lead to the occurrence of breast cancer. Many parents worry that many infants and young children, and even the habit of school-age children are useful sleeves to wipe your mouth, in nervous and irritable mood, still can bite bite sleeve or skirts, it is equal to the indirect eat the fluorescent whitening agent.

3, fluorescent whitening agent you?

no fluorescent whitening agent, can't clothing & other Whitening & brightening throughout; ? Fluorescent whitening agent is not no substitute, actually don't have to use. The main reason for the enterprise is willing to use or because of fluorescent whitening agent cost is low. For example, 30% net increase of white wash clothes need to use the surfactant, but if you add the fluorescent whitening agent, only 8% will be enough. Actually increase content of surfactant, can avoid potential dangers.

laundry as new washing products, no preservatives, harmful material such as fluorescent whitening agent, a new use of nanotechnology. Laundry to wash out of clothing, not only clean, fragrant, can also be mouldproof and moth-proofing, with new function. Laundry sheet will tell you the advent of laundry products don't have to fluorescent whitening agent. Laundry tablets is a kind of environmental protection, no & other; Poison & throughout; A new type of laundry products.
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