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Laundry tablets - — For an own contribution - environmental protection Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
City filled with smoke, but actually there feel owe natural breathing, wind and rain have been mad, who as naive as previous letter prediction & ndash; — Beyond 'to know how to protect the environment'

this is Beyond the band in 1990, a song, sung when the degree is low, probably due to the environment than not so bad today, the lyrics have naturally without too much the same way. In 26 years later, one by one the scenario described in a song in front of us: the mountains of paddy fields, ferry is not wooden boats, city filled with grey smoke & hellip; …

in the face of increasingly severe environmental pollution, environmental protection become the focus of common topic. The 2017 world environment day theme & other; Everyone involved to create green home & throughout; 。 In 2017 issued by the ministry of environmental protection, environment day theme & other; Green water castle peak is the jinshan silver & throughout; And called for respect for nature, comply with the nature, protect nature.

everybody agreed in protecting the environment, fully embodies the everyone is yearning for a better life environment. Blindly in pursuit of rapid economic development and at the same time, also want to be the greatest respect to the environment. Need everyone together to create beautiful home, and not just to promote environmental governance ability, more important is to reduce the pollution to the environment from the source, to optimize our way and natural get along with.

catharsis things are essential to life commodity, it will provide great convenience to people life at the same time, also to the natural environment has brought the serious influence. Catharsis things using surfactants such as linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium ( LAS) , because of containing benzene nucleus, cannot completely decomposed, persist in the environment for a long time. LAS also need phosphate as a net agent, phosphate by washing sewage discharged into water bodies, will cause the eutrophication of the status quo. In addition detergent can make oil product into water, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) hydrophobic organic pollutants (pops) such as emulsification and dispersion, bring difficulties to wastewater treatment.

laundry as big a part of social environment, to see the damage to the natural environment in the traditional washing products and all the time thinking about how to contribute an own strength, to be able to do a little more, for the beauty of nature together, let us home to get a little bit better.

laundry tablets in healthy environmental protection efforts mainly is to use the formula does not contain phosphorus, lead and other known significantly harm the human body and natural environment, neutral formula for both the human body, clothing and on soil, water source are almost non-existent. So, in the field of healthy environmental protection, laundry really did a good job, in the case of washing products on the market the good and bad are intermingled, look for the laundry really to worry some.

to protect the environment is a kind of responsibility, a person's strength is weak, everyone to join us to make a powerful motivation. From now on, start from oneself, starts from laundry piece with a box of environmental protection, time to witness every small change.
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