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by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
The pattern of the world today is undergoing complex and profound changes, the deep impact of international financial crisis continue to appear, the international investment trade patterns and multilateral trade rules brewing deep adjustment, while & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; The rise of complying with the world multi-polarization and economic globalization, cultural diversity, the tide of social informatization, calls for common progress, pioneering and innovative.

innovation is a national development process the inexhaustible power flow. When the western han dynasty, zhang qian to the western regions, opened up the silk road, through the road continuously introduced the advanced technology and science and technology from outside, as well as the output of Chinese culture and civilization. This road is not only the meaning of innovation cooperation, more is introduced to and go out.

China can rise quickly and reveal charm leader power on the world stage, it is because the pioneering and innovative and enterprising constantly fusion, draw the most advanced technology in every industry, continuously meet the challenge, resulting in the civilization of science and technology and economic, political and rich and strong (powerful).

this is a new era of scientific and technological innovation, technological change blustery, domestic cleaning industry. From 1. 0 to 2 times of soap. The washing powder 0 to 3 times. 0 era of laundry detergent. Technology innovation against the Chinese people's quality of life and constantly improve the level of consumption, consumption demand big upgrade, the choice of product demand is no longer a simple economic, affordable and healthy environmental protection and quality of life has become the first shopping consumption demand.

in the media, we have seen a lot of media exposure and laundry detergent washing powder and washing products contain large amounts of carcinogenic substance harmful to human body, if the long-term use of products containing such substances, with the mouth and the injured area will be into the body, does great harm to the body and could cause cancer. Especially children, because of household washing products fluorescent agent is transferable, so the body through the skin, mouth into the children, can't eduction, the damage caused to children is immeasurable.

in the market to buy from a special security of washing products, often high prices to consumers increased consumer pressure, so consumers need a more healthy, environmental protection, economic products to meet the demand of new laundry. Complying with the development of The Times and washing technology innovation, so in learning German high and new technology, and ushered in the 4 of our success. The advent of the era of 0 laundry tablets.

about laundry tablets, probably for domestic laundry market is strange, but the developed countries in Europe and the laundry has successfully replaced the traditional washing products, become the home laundry products. Laundry is adopted Germany super concentrated nanotechnology development and become a kind of multi-functional innovative washing, new products through the China environmental science society, the organization's environmental benefit evaluation and technological achievements appraisal, the won the national invention patent product, compared with the traditional way of laundry, greatly improving the product's decontamination capability, no phosphorus, non-toxic, no fluorescent whitening agent, does not hurt the hand, the water can quickly decompose after melting, nanoscale clean release small molecules, in-depth clothing fibers break down a variety of stubborn stains.

  “ Laundry sheet & throughout; By using super concentrated technology research and development of products. R&d team specially research found that the traditional laundry detergent exist the following problems: first, the decontamination ability is weak, has damage to the clothing fibers, washing white clothes turn yellow after a period of time. Second, heavy, inconvenient to carry. So on the basis of based on very enrichment technology, research and development team on the decontamination ingredient on innovation, and specially added with child extract ingredients, the decontamination ability is one of the washing powder. Five times, the surface active matter content as high as 46%. While it does not hurt the clothes clean clothes on the surface of the dirty scale with bacteria, strong clean ability and easy to carry, can be washed a box for 90 kg of clothes.

laundry tablets is washing industry achieve a breakthrough in the transformation of green development, health, thus it is not hard to see, traditional washing products, such as washing powder, laundry detergent will gradually lose competitiveness, product iteration will usher in a new market opportunities, we also have reason to believe that a healthy belong to laundry washing time is kicked off, a healthy green new washing mode, will bring about a new wave of washing at home.

keep up with the development of The Times of scientific and technological innovation, technological innovation, meet the demand of life, in the development of the future, there will be more meet the demands of a new consumer products into people's field of vision, innovative new era civilization, better life.

can make national science and technology as the & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; The great idea of go abroad, towards the world, with innovative service well every consumer
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