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Laundry tablets let you say goodbye to the day of clothing yellow FaJiu - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
In life, we often have this kind of feeling, just to buy clothes, it didn't take long at first wear is very soft, very comfortable, but after washing a few times more, feeling less, clothes began to hard, and even people, this is normal phenomenon? Or there is something wrong with the quality of clothes?

small make up to tell you, in fact, the truth is, we're washing method has a problem! It is difficult to accept? Over the years, the last question was out in our washing this link.

the clothes why can harden?

on the other hand, it is our daily use of water. As you know, our daily use tap water, from the river, river, lake, etc. , the reservoir is filter out the various impurities in the water, dirt, antivirus sent to homes after bleaching. At this time of the water, we call it a hard water. Why call hard water? Because the water contains lots of minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, etc. According to the test, a ton of river is about 1. 6 kg minerals.

with hard water, certainly also have soft water. Why after we usually to boil water to drink? In addition to kill the bacteria and other microorganisms in the water, and a larger effect is to hard water is converted into a soft water. When boiling water, as water temperature rise, some minerals will be gradually settle of white at the bottom of the kettle, namely we often say that scale, it is the main component of calcium carbonate.

when we wash the clothes, if you do it with hard water, the minerals of penetration into the cloth fiber inside, over time, certainly will harden.

? Don't want to use to boil water to wash clothes? Who has that kung fu! Heard that there is a kind of soft water system online device, can will tap water directly into soft water. But the price does not poor, use rise also huge trouble, anyone interested in to baidu. 。 。 。 。 。 This also not line, that also not line, what do we do?

don't worry, there is another cause of clothes to harden, and very good solve!

the stiffening of clothes there is another important reason is that the detergent residues. We use the traditional washing powder and detergent, contains a lot of chemicals, such as fluorescent whitening agent, phosphorus, hydrolytic enzymes, they are easy to remain in the clothing fibers, harmful to our health, also caused the clothes. When you wash your clothes, you can touch the dehydration of clothes, if feel a little sticky, which means clothes with a large number of washing chemicals.

so speaking of which, the solution is clear. Yes, that is to use no residue washing products! This time, you have to say about our enrichment nano laundry tablets, laundry piece of the biggest characteristics is no add, no residue!

laundry is derived from nano cleaning technology, does not contain any harmful chemical substances, bubble is moderate, easy to rinse, no residue after dehydration, not only to protect your health, can also extend the life of your clothes. Choice of washing products, it is natural for problem solved! Every day can let you put on a clean, healthy, comfortable clothing, is the greatest pursuit!

in addition to the above advantages, now to introduce twelve big advantage:

1, nanotechnology, nanotechnology is a new and high technology in recent years. Research shows that the nano powder, can make the waste water thoroughly clear water and drinking standard.

2, clean power: 10 times of decontamination, even the most prone yellowing old clothes after repeated washing the white stays a bright white.

3, in addition to flavor fragrant, taste ran naked, faint scent to stay.

4, natural health: Australia formula, even washed by hand, not easily also feel stimulation after washing hands.

5, moderate does not hurt the clothes: like new after washing clothes, soft, not hard.

6, solid color fade: fixed color, not faded not dyed.

7, environmental protection, harmless: super cleaning without effort the rubbing.

8, relaxed and easy to rinse, is easy to rinse formula, help you to save water, save electricity, save time. Rinse more thoroughly, more clean clothes.

9, wash protect one: clean care, one pace reachs the designated position.

10, lasting fragrance: laundry feel refreshing aroma, not only after the clothes to dry remains pleasant fragrance, clean also can smell

11, deep care: even the most prone yellowing old clothes after repeated washing the white stays a bright white.

12, skin suppression mite, inhibit the growth of mites, laundry more healthy.
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