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Laundry tablets really cow? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
A new era of washing, in the ear of the hot the micro business circle, many partners are initially try holding the wait-and-see attitude, who wanted to first had to earn the first bucket of gold, comprehensive factory to work overtime, now fully out of stock, a product is hot to the point that it is & ndash; — — — The laundry.

laundry tablets will become the leader of the new era. To the world's top nanotechnology and super concentrated technology research and development production of: laundry nano super concentrated laundry pills, nano technology, can effectively solve the problems with the traditional washing times, make washing laundry. Do not contain fluorescent whitening agent, plant environmental protection, do not hurt the clothing, the PH value neutral, washing clothes of water can fish, mild cleaning children's clothes, underwear does not hurt the skin! Dior side-am I miss flower scent, fragrant 36 - 48 hours! Necessary for every family! More easy, convenient, healthy and safe!

laundry will bring you many benefits. Laundry is a solid flake, small size, formula of environmental protection and decontamination. Instant when used in water and waste water after washing will not have an adverse effect on the environment for a long time, will degrade over time. The biggest feature is the laundry mild and neutral, it does not hurt the hand, not dry hands. Belong to product of low foam, with washing machine is also easy to clean. Use, it is very convenient to carry, store.

innovation, a new concept of flake washing. Safety, health hazard does not contain any additives. Powerful has three powerful cleaning agent. , moderate ph does not hurt the hand does not hurt the clothes. Fragrance, 48 hours. Just to give you a more perfect washing! In the future the most mainstream washing products & ndash; — The laundry!
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